Dear DPS, From Healer.

Hello DPS! First, thank you for killing things, you are doing a great job. As a Holy Priest it would take a very long time to kill anything without you.I wanted to bring up a quick point of contention. I have become very frustrated with a small percentage of you. Mainly those 2 or 3 players in every raid that decide they want to stand WAAAAAAAAAAY the fuck away from everyone else. I don't believe this helps your dps numbers.The reason that this is so frustrating for me is that I waste mana having to throw single target heals at you when you could easily benefit from all my awesome AoE heals if you just moved a bit closer.If you could please stand reasonably close to the other DPS, say =< 10 yards, unless a specific mechanic prevents this from happening, that would be fantastic.Thank You! - A Raid Healer