I kinda wish demons had more than one archetypal character.

"It seems you were doomed to fail, Lord Kalgorath."A funny moment that made me laugh. But also gave me pause for thought. Demons are our primary foe, and every single one of them has the same character. Arrogance about their power. Disbelief that puny mortals could dismantle the Legion. Fear of disappointing their masters. Chucking halfhearted existential pessimism at us every 10 seconds.For these reasons, I honestly can't tell one Dreadlord from the other. What did Varimathras do again? Was Mephistroth the one who taunted Arthas? Wait, what's the difference between a Dreadlord and a Doomlord?It's certainly not a priority, but hey, it's my feedback. The characterisation of villains has been lacking in Legion, in a game that normally excels in narrative.