If you are running a normal mythic dungeon with no keystones invite low ILVL players.

When ever I run a plan mythic dungeon I make sure I bring at least 2 low ILVL players. Most of the time they are new to mythics and are scared to run it and need gear. We were all that player at one point and a friendly dungeon group can lock in their love for wow. Complaining about their dps or ILVL will just scare more people away from mythic+ and raiding. But just a friendly hey we will take this 810 over the 900 ILVL cause one needs gear from the actual mythic and probably wont get accepted in another group goes a long way for the community. I know now days everything has to be done fast but sometimes if you go slow you will make new friends and another players day.-Thank you for your time Your friendly neighborhood Prot Pally.