"Legion is too grindy"

I saw a post in a completely off-topic thread stating basically that "Legion is too grindy, coming from a Vanilla player."For those of you that think this, I submit the following:Did you spend months PvPing in BGs non-stop for Warlord/HWL ranks?Did you have alts logged out and checking Nightmare Dragon spawns 24/7 with a raid on stand-by to kill them for NR gear for AQ40? How about Mara?Did you have Fire Resist gear for Molten Core trash and Rag?Did you participate in the quest-lines and lead-up to AQ40?Do you remember how long it originally took to get to level 60? 15 days /played was pretty good. Anything below that was a dedicated person/poop-socker/carried by 60s.Were you attuned for Onyxia?Did you max out Hydraxian Waterlords rep?Did you max out Cenarian Circle rep?Did you max out Zandalar Tribe rep?Did you have an UBRS key?Did you have a Stratholme key?Sulfuras? Thunderfury?Did you even step foot into Naxx?There's more, but my point is easily made. Legion isn't grind, it's chores. The chores are aimed at the one aspect of Legion that can be considered a grind: The Artifact Weapon. The majority of people I play with already have their weapons at 46-47. Everything past that is some bonuses to damage/healing/utility, and the eventual goal of concordance, which is the last major upgrade you'll get for Legion (pending another update which is unlikely). None of that is required, unless your goal is to be a "serious" player. AK50 in July (provided you "grind" the resources and click your AK button) will give you a more AP in a single LFR raid than you've grinded since the day 7.2 dropped.The rep grinds and gear acquisition in Legion are laughable compared to the things of the past. You want to see a more recent grind? Go do Emperor Shaohao. That's probably the closest thing I remember to getting Cenarion Circle rep to exalted out in Silithus. Honestly, I think Shaohao is worse. At least Silithus had events you could get groups for, rather than just mindlessly grinding pages. God, that was brutal.Legion has been out almost 8 months now. In that time, we have risen almost 200 item levels from where Warlords ended. Even within the expansion itself, a player in Mythic Emerald Nightmare gear would be utterly useless next to a player in even Normal Nighthold gear. 7.2 compounded that even moreso. In no other expansion have we seen a power curve so drastically increase, nor the ease in which you can ascend that curve. The game is easier to jump into now than it has ever been. The only deciding factor now is this expansion's greatest shortfall: Legendary items.Legion is a lot of fun, but to anyone who thinks this "level of grind" is anything compared to what once was, you're sorely mistaken. Ease of access has never been higher, and is directly proportional to the amount of time you're willing to invest on a single-player basis, in a way that's never occurred in this game. You don't even need a friends list/guild to get anywhere in this game anymore, if you so choose.I am not disappointed with Legion in the slightest. In fact, I find it quite enjoyable. WoW is different and refreshing, which is something I welcome after spending roughly 12 years playing this wonderful game. However, its completely ridiculous to say that Legion is anything like the experience that was vanilla, or that the "grind" is anything remotely on the scales of where we came from.Happy Gaming!