Blizz, can Monk lore go beyond drinking beer?

Ok, I get it, Pandaren Brewmaster was a great secret character in Warcraft III, which inspired Pandaren race and the Monk class. But can we go beyond that? We use martial arts, ways of the tiger, crane and ox. We use mistweaving healing arts, we have chi, we medidate, etc. We're not just DRUNKEN BREWMASTERS SPITTING FIRE (I know, it's awesome, but it's not just that!)Our monk related WQ is literally rolling a barrel of storm BREW to fortify our units. Our class hall campaign is a bunch of unknown Monks after a strong BREW. We get our own BREW poisoned which almost kill all of us, including one (somehow?) important Monk that is replaced by BREWER Almai (which is now a mistweaver, but whatever).I rerolled a Monk from a DK on 7.1, which has such a badass lore and campaign. The Monk campaign is just bad and cringey. Monks have a plenty beautiful background, wasted in brewing stuff. Brewmaster is not our only spec/focus here. It's not even funny anymore, please give us some love.EDIT: Minor typos