I think an account hall would be a great feature

Imagine a building where all your characters can meet and visit with another one.You have an archdruid ? Well he has his own room (together with maybe some other archdruids you have...) and so does the netherlord and all the other chars, mabe even the ones only level 70 or something. Basically everything that is account bound or character specific can be shown off for your own pleasure.Put an heirloom wall up.Your characters have favorite mounts ? Well there is a chance one will stand infront of the building if he is inside.You have professions with your heroes? Depending on how high they are you get profession rooms.Achievments? Well there sure is away to show them off.Have random pets running aroundI can imagine so many things to put in there to actually feel progress with your account not just the character you are playing right now (a little of that can maybe be seen by transmogs but not really. Mounts and pets would be the only thing I would see for that, but i'm probably forgetting something) mayor things would be PVE and PVP progress. The list knows no limits.If you would want to make it actually useful there are about a thousand ways to do that. Professions of your alts can now directly be used from your alts when visiting, or you could even do something like give your characters the option to give quests for reputation if they are exalted with that faction (got two chars ? here you have two daylies.. really would speed that grinding up). Put in vendors of PVP sets. Though I think a lot of that would go really far and a little against what blizzard and a lot of people want, but you don't have to do any of these and can still do all the stuff from the first list.It really just would make a lot of sense since all of this is already account wide. You would not take away any farming or even any population of the capitols without an auction house or any real objective. But it would be really nice to show that thing off to other players, or just to feel you accomplish anything when leveling you 5th alt.So yeah, i think this might be fun. I have now wasted enough time and should really start learning.