Our own class representation on the Broken Shore is very cool, but it would be better with more variety.

During the 7.2 intro quest called "Armies of Legionfall" Khadgar calls out all champions and their Class Orders. A pretty big amount of troops help us throughout the questline, but when we finally set up there it looks like it was only our %classname% Order merit.This isn't a Draenor campaign, where lorewise there is only one Commander of each faction, there is, I believe, atleast 12 Champions and in eyes of a Player - all other players are his fellow colleagues and/or the best representatives after the Player.The very simple solution would be to keep the player's class at something like 40-60% representation and cycle through different "scenes" each day.Like as Mage you can see a Draenei Mage and floating books near the Flight Master, as Shaman there are two shamans and fire elemental during some ritual, etc.At the well in the middle there are moonkins for Druids and Ashtongue for Demon Hunters, etc.All of those can be cycled with each day(or different time measurement that is), we're at war after all, troops are dispatched back and forth, everyone have a task that needs to be done. It opens a room for imagination, lets imagine that Legion brought some Mage Hunters, so at that day we can see Hunters or Demon Hunters.