7.2.5 Undocumented Changes

Since the patch is upon us, let's collect all the undocumented changes that we've found into one place for everyone to find.Legion Content related -Order Hall missions that reward rep now reward 1.5k rep token (Nightfallen and Armies of Legionfall are at 750 rep) as bonus token instead of 250 rep token - thanks octnoir and Scuuuu (link)Reghar Earthfury (shaman follower) now flies on an appropriate sized mount - thanks locogemini (link)Warrior Sky jump animation changed - thanks valnoressa and anvil-gaming (link)Mark(s) of Honor is now usable to purchase Seals of Broken Fate (5, 10, 20 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd seal)Pouch of Wonder/Shard of Twisting Nether no longer giving AP token 100% of the time (source) instead it seems that when it does give an AP token the AP amount is higher (5 Million AP at AK40, up from 800k AP) and can double via Order Hall research Tier 8 (source) - thanks TserraKnight, koutetsuvamn, GimikVargulf, and Kramerica8Pouch of Wonder/Shard of Twisting Nether twitter update: Drop rate reduced to 20% (from 100%) and AP increased 5x (yet 5x800k = 4 million AP, not 5 million AP... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )Obliterum upgrades to ilv 900 (source and twitter)Currency, Reputation, Achievement Tabs all have commas for appropriate numerations - thanks liberate71, Zhoom45, Matjz (links 1, 2, 3)Mage Teleportation Nexus - Suramar Portal has a picture to it - thanks octnoir (link)Destruction Warlock mastery change, half of your mastery is baseline and then a chance to have up to an additional half mastery added (see link) - thanks Kasspa (link)Nine pets added in 7.2.5 from various sources also Ultimate Battle-Training Stone (instant lv 25 for battle pet) stacksNew toys from various holiday events (Midsummer Festival, BT Timewalking, DMF, Pirate's Day, Class Order Hall)Draught of Souls' damage is only reduced by 20% for Arms Warriors and 15% for Fury Warriors (was previously 40% for both) (twitter)(Nighthold) Gul'dan HP reduced by 3% in Heroic and Mythic difficulties (twitter)(Nighthold) Gul'dan's Fel Scythe, Krosus' Searing Brand, and several of Star Augur's abilities has been reduced by 15%. (twitter)Nighthold hotfixes are only live for NA servers with 7.2.5, I assume that EU gets all the hotfixes tomorrow when it deploys over there.Illnea Bloodthorn (Blood of Sargeras Vendor) now sells an Abundant Order Resource Cache (4k Order Hall Resources) for 20 Bloods - thanks to many folks who pointed this out.PvP Related -Prestige titles moved and now alphabetical (but not with rest of "the" titles) - thanks Xahrackus (link)Obliterating Gladiator gear now gives 15 echoes of battle instead of 10. Combatant gear can be obliterated for 1. - thanks NoUploadsEver (link)Echoes of Battle increased to 100 (from 75) to buy PvP Tokens - thanks lordhegemon (link)Legacy Content (Past expansion related) -Razorgore (1st boss of BWL) now instantly destroys eggs - thanks CaspianRoach and egosumFidius (link)Garrosh Heirlooms (after upgrades) can now scale up to lv 110. Still requires at least lv 90 to use though - Thanks Goosecomics and TheYamagato (link)Sha of Anger has a static spawn by One KegHunters can now tame the Lost Emberspit Scorpion in the Molten Front. - thanks wowheadEDIT: adding things as they show up and giving credit to original threadsEDIT: Added some formatting and sections to separate out changes.