After 70 Wipes, we managed to kill Kil'jaeden Heroic with a Pug Group

Yesterday i started a Pug with the goal to the first week Curve. After trying to find the right guys for 3 Hours we were finally able to start. We managed to get 8/9 very quick and then it was only KJ left. After wiping for 9 Hours straight, constantly having to change People and Strats, we had to stop for the day as it was 4 am already and people were tired. But the people were motivated, almost everyone from yesterday joined the Raid today again. Imagine a pug where everybody pays 10k Gold for a Vantus Rune, people placing Feasts and Cauldrons just for the Raid. On our 71. Pull we managed to kill him.Thanks for everyone that sticked arround and helped make this happen. This community is awesome.