Eyelluminati Confirmed - What is Blizzard hiding in plain sight in tomb of Sargeras?

The Proof: http://ift.tt/2s6kF7x would appear that the devs have been hinting at something in Tomb of Sargeras. There is an undeniable correlation throughout tomb between certain corrupted characters. I've connected many dots already, but I'm not sure what the solution is. I'd like to explain how we stumbled across this mystery, and I'd like reddit's help solving it.Its past midnight, Huggum and I are doing our usual post-raid bro strat session. Were standing in Avatars room, making weak auras and updating the Angry Assignment. This is the only time I see what the bosses or scenery look like in raids. Mostly I see swirls, raid frames, and weak auras when I play wow. We're commenting on how it was kind of lame that the 'Avatar' of the biggest badass in wow just looks like a pumped up Illidan.I had watched the Kil'jaeden kill cinematic because you can't bonus roll unless you skip it. The Kil'jaeden model was pretty awesome - GJ Blizz. Kil'Jaeden has a nasty cut on his right eye. I recalled this scar while looking up at the Avatar. "Whats with Blizzard and right eyes?" And then everything changed. I got woke. My third eye opens. I begin to see.Looking around the room I start paying more attention to the details in the faces on the wall. It's the sort of normal scenery I would mostly ignore. Those brite fel eyes in titan faces are weeping... from one eye. Care to guess which one?It's uncanny. We are both woke now. We check our journal for clues from the other bosses models. Huggum suggested that only characters who had been corrupted by fel had this eye condition. Maiden of vigilance weeps from her right eye while the other bosses have normal eyes. Maybe we are just crazy? No... we just need more proof.We head back to the elevator eager to look at Maidens corpse up close. We've become detectives, snapping screenshots and guessing at motives. As we wait for the elevator to land we look up and see the next hint. Titan faces unaffected by fel. Their brite holy glowing eyes - no scars, no weeping. Instead of just recoloring this texture asset and reusing it... They made a new one. That seems intentional. The elevator arrives.Standing over Maidens corpse my belief sinks in more. But when I look up I actually feel the hair on my neck raise up. I get a chill. Only one of four faces in maidens room is effected by the fel. The right eye is cracked and weeping fel energy.We start scouring the dungeon. All of the nightborn statues we are passing seem fine. Ghosts of nightborn seem ok. The other 'hero' NPCs of the alliance all have 2 plain old eyes. Through the rest of the instance we only found one statue with a similar condition. Of course... it's a statue of a very famous Elf. A very corrupted elf. Ashara.We go back and forth between theories and raid strats while we comb the raid for faces. As we head back into Avatars room and reinspect the faces we catch one more oddity. Perhaps the face in the far back of the room was protected from fel corruption by the pillar? Perhaps it's just lifeless while the others still have some living essence to them? And why is that face missing from over the door - an odd sort of connection pod hole remains.Its 3AM now. I've got work in 5 hours. As we log out Huggum suggests I review the Kil'jaeden video for one last clue he sees. It's unreal. Where does Valen place his hand when comforting Kil'Jaeden? You don't have to guess... you already know.When Demons die, they return to the void. After regenerating they can be summoned back out from the void to continue their goals. So why is Kil'jaeden's eye damaged? Shouldn't his body have regenerated in the void? Huggum made two interesting suggestions on this. Firstly, death is probably a traumatic experience for demons. He may have taken damage to his eye in some battle and it was not worth going back into the void to regenerate it. Secondly... perhaps it was self inflicted. Perhaps he tore at his own eye when trying to resist Sargeras' power. When Valen touches Kil'jaeden right eye before he explodes... did that free him from the void? Is Kil'jaeden gone forever?Every fel corrupted character in this raid has SOMETHING going on with their right eyes. What is Blizzard trying to tell us? What clues have I missed? Reddit... our community can solve this. Keep an eye out for more dots we can connect.