WoW's attention to detail, Dreamwalk edition.

Relevant: I'm a druid. Recently I've been doing older Loremaster achievements, starting with the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. As part of the Kalimdor achievement I did Feralas quest chain. As a part of the quest chain I had to use Ysera's Seal to block off the path to Feralas from the Emerald Dream. Cool, done.Today I've decided to do the fires for the festival. For those who don't play druids, we access our class hall via an ability called Dreamwalk, which ports us to a separate map with a gateway to Val'Sharah. It also has a number of other portals, corresponding to the old Emerald Dream portals+Grizzly Hills. Not sure about other druids, but I almost never use those other portals. Today, however, I decided to port to Feralas. And... I couldn't. The quest I did in Feralas put the barrier on the frikin Dreamwalk portal. There was also an option to remove it.Just thought the interplay between an obscure questline in the old world and a Legin druidic feature was really cool.