7.3 end of expansion, Spoiler and personal hopes.

(little update: thank you all for reading. I'm trying to give a answer to everyone comment, even if small, my way of showing appreciation to all the readers.)Hey, 1st time poster, long time reader.Although it is not known how the expansion will really end, taking into account the dialogues, Illidan will become Sargeras's jailer. This will result in an climactic end to Illidan's history, allowing for a future Sargeras escape, but not forcing Illidan back. However as a fan, there are things that I feel need to see resolved, before the end of the expansion and exit of Illidan.Legion has been an excellent expansion, with excellent lore, however there is a flaw, unintentional certainly, but that could be better resolved. As we can see, there is, at least for now, a low interaction between characters that have not been found since Warcraft 2. So far the interactions between Khadgar and his old associates have been minimal, but more important than that is the lack of interplay between Sylvanas and Alleria. We are talking about someone who masqueraded as a night elf, just like her appearance in vanilla, to go to Draenor to try to find her sister, but so far, we have no information on sibling reunion. Do not take it badly, it does not have to happen in the game, just a book at the end of the expansion that deals with the lore's issues would be enouth, if not better.However, and returning to the subject I propose to expose, since Illidan will become the jailer at the end of the expansion, there will be no other time to resolve everything that involves him.As a fan, I feel that to be really satisfied and to feel that Illidan has had the opportunity to solve everything, two situations are essential so that, in my humble opinion, there can be no better end.In first place, the brothers meeting. Before Illidan departs, for what we know is for ever, it is necessary for the two brothers to speak. Although Illidan is a very tough character, I think he deserves to be recognized by Malfurion, the latter must recognize him, bearing in mind that, although not always right, Illidan has always had the world's interest in mind. Do not get me wrong, Illidan does not have to be happy, I even consider that he must inform Malfurion that any kind of sibling tie they have had ended a long time ago, that he dispenses his brother's words. However, I also think that once Illidan turns his back on him, he should smile, not one of being better or worse than his brother, but one of really feeling accepted, understood and recognized. Whether Tyrande will be present or not? It does not make much sence, as much as Illidan has loved or still loves her, I think it would be much more important for him to be recognized by his brother. The brother had all the luck in the world compared to Illidan, it is natural, for him that, to be recognized by is brother would be excellent, giving a good end to their relation.Second, in the end, by the time Illidan decides to be Sargeras's jailer, there should be some interaction between him and the other two main heroes. In this case Khadgar should try to prevent him verbally, while Velen should want to take his place or else grant him a blessing, just as it seems he did to Kil'jaeden moments before his death. After this, and now what I would like to see, even though I think the first situation is more important; Maiev should appear and stand next to Illidan. Make her take off her helmet so we can see her face, her expression. She should say she would accompany Illidan. Of course the latter will retaliate, so she should say something of the genre; That she, better than anyone knows what it is to be the jailer of someone, and that if she does not accompany him, what is of the hunter without his prey. This, without taking it very far, would satisfy those who liked to see a relationship between Illidan and Maiev, while giving Maiev a new purpose, which otherwise would not have in my view more place in the lore.These are those two things that after reading the data mined dialogues, I would like to see realized so that there is no end to Illidan without its situation being fully resolved. After all that he has gone through, he deserves nothing less than this.This is my humblest opinion and hope of what I would like to see.For those who read it, thank you, especially since I had to write the text twice, since the first one got deleted, but at least it was worth to write again.Any typos I'm sorry, I'm not native, did my best to check everything.