Gf banned for "botting" while she was away on vacation, GMs say there were logins from China but won't remove ban?

So I'm kind of at a loss of what to do, my girlfriend's account was banned for botting for 6 months even though she was a.) driving back from vacation at the time of supposed botting with no computer and b.) has been playing less than a year and doesn't know the first thing about how to bot.Her appeals have been denied 3 times. Before the final appeal, we were told over the phone that there was a suspicious account access from China, but afterwards the IP looked like it came from our area. She even emailed a copy of her drivers license to confirm she was the original owner of the account. The customer support agent remarked that the IP might have been spoofed but there was no way to be sure. Two days later we were contacted saying the ban was being upheld.We checked her armory and her character is in a dps spec she never plays, with a legion herbalism enchant (she was tailoring/enchanting). It's pretty clear to us that the account was used maliciously, but Blizzard doesn't seem to want to listen.We're both feeling very betrayed right now. I'm a huge Blizzard fan; I have an entire wall of Blizzard collector editions and memorabilia. I've been to most Blizzcons, and she was going to attend her first one this year, but now the whole trip is pretty soured.TLDR: Gf got banned while on vacation with no computer access, blizzard won't remove the ban because IP looks like it came from our area. Now my primary playing partner can't login for 6 months. Don't really know what to do, just never had this terrible of an experience with Blizzard before.