We're long overdue for an overhaul to the realm system we currently have.

Realm transfers are nothing more than Blizzard taking advantage of their player base. $25 or nearly 300k in the current system is absolutely terrible.As it stands, mythic guilds have almost no chance in staying together in low pop realms. The idea of having 120 realms in one Region is also incredibly out-dated.What Blizzard did with connected servers needs to be done once again in a much larger scale.We currently have 120 realms in the US, and this is counting connected realms as one.More than 60 of these realms have less than 5,000 "raiders" (heroic NH and above). More than half of these realms also only have one guild in Mythic progression, nearly 30 or 40 with no mythic progression at all.http://ift.tt/2urUOcQ are attached to their realms, and for good reason. If you've been playing in a server for nearly a decade, with several level 110s, it's hard to just say "okay, time to transfer". But worse of all, even if you did decide to change your home, it's just not feasible for most people.Realms could be separated into regions based on their locations. We currently have realms located in LA, Chicago, and New York. Connect realms based on the datacenters and timezones of each realm.This game is revolved around a community. Being able to raid heroic and old tier mythic cross-server just isn't the same. Friends want to be in the same guild, and many want to mythic raid.Server transfers almost always cause more problems than fix, and they're incredibly expensive. For a company that has such a positive customer service reputation such as Blizzard, I feel like forcing guilds and players to pay ridiculous amount of money or gold is the exact opposite of good customer service. Hundreds of thousands of players are being deprived of a better experience because of greed.