Shamans checking the PTR notes

Pandaren Heritage Armour (Concept)

Azerite Armor NEEDS to drop from M+

This is obscene. There is literally only one Azerite headpiece from Uldir. I've been bonus rolling Zul since week one, still no headpiece. If it doesn't drop from Zul, my only chance at Azerite is weekly pvp/m+ cache. But nope, I pulled a shield and a weapon today from my caches. In total I have ONLY 3 chances (4 if you include bonus roll) for azerite. If my caches drop other gear then that goes down to 2 chances. If the cache drops AZERITE I DON'T NEED (e.g. chest/shoulders), it resets my bad luck protection and who knows how much longer I have before azerite will drop from the cache again. And it may just drop another azerite piece that I don't need.Azerite needs to drop in regular m+. At this rate I'm gonna be in full 370 by the time I get an azerite head to replace my 340.

The Timewarped vendor gear is still ilv 180 Legion gear requiring level 120

Blood Elves and the Alliance

Now a part of this rebalanced breakfast!

Blizzard sent me surprise a today

After my post, I thought I'd dial back my raiding a bit, re-budget my time so I could still focus on DBM full time but in a capacity that meant less stress and more productivity for the limited amount of time of just one person. Then, use that extra time to also catch up on IRL things, and maybe side things for extra money. Just me, leveling with all of you.The support of community has been overwhelming. I honestly expected support to go down after my status post, not up. I had even put some apps/feelers out, just in case (despite my fear of working away from home)However, with the massive support of community, DBM finally has the support for me to finally get additional help and resources to finally beat the logistics boss. As well as ability for myself and mother to finally be worry free about the burdens and strains we've been under for a while now and without me needing to risk leaving her unattended hours a day to do other work.And now this: This was an unexpected shock from Blizzard & MSI.I cannot thank community or Blizzard or MSI enough for all the new support I've received, other than focusing on health, family, and continuing to make DBM best mod I can for WoW community until the end of WoWs days.