The battleground ended mid-Death from above. I guess this is my life now

WoD beta 2 years ago. Khadgar looked a lot different.

PSA with patch 7.0 equipped shirts will become soulbound even rare ones worth up to 50k gold!

Legion's transmog changes allow you to 'learn' the look of an item adding it to an appearance collection for your account, to add the item it must be soulbound so that you can't trade it around to others. This change means that all white shirts are becoming green quality and bind on equip items.Some shirts were made unobtainable years ago back at the end of Wrath and have increased quite a lot in value and have been further increasing since this transmog change was announced and prices can go over 50,000 gold on some of them!If you leave the shirt equipped on your character when patch 7.0 launches the shirt will automatically bind to your character meaning you can't resell it even if you have duplicates on other characters equipped. Proof here on my alt, shirt equipped on live and shirt soulbound after transferring to the 7.0 PTR.Here is a list of shirts that have some value and are rarer that you should unequip if you'd like to resell or have duplicates of:Pre-Cata Starting Shirts, double check ID's of the items as there are some that have the same name as cheap obtainable shirts.Lookout's TunicFootpad's ShirtTrapper's ShirtRugged Trapper's ShirtPrimitive MantleThug ShirtSquire's ShirtRecruit's ShirtBrawler's HarnessPrimitive Mantle Note this shirt was missed by Blizzard and they forgot to change it to BoE on PTR/Beta so report it if you can.Trapper's ShirtWarder's ShirtScout's ShirtRecruit's ShirtSquire's ShirtInitiate's ShirtRare drop recipes that craft shirts.Pattern: Rich Purple Silk ShirtPattern: Red Lumberjack ShirtPattern: Blue Lumberjack ShirtPattern: Green Lumberjack ShirtPattern: Red Workman's ShirtPattern: Blue Workman's ShirtPattern: Rustic Workman's ShirtThese shirts are rare drops.Deckhand's ShirtSleeveless T-ShirtRed Shirt - While VERY rare, this shirt is the exact same model and color of a cheap crafted shirt. This would only be desired by collectors who want to have the red shirt of the red shirt guy.Also good ideas for investing as they will likely go up further in the first month or so of 7.0 and Legion as demand increases and supply goes down. Here is a TradeskillMaster group if you'd like to search for these shirts.

Blizzard planned to secretly hand out beta keys to all Forsaken characters...

...but it would have been a dead giveaway.

Tuning Seems About Right... (Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Testing)

(Spoiler) WoW Legion Comic #1

I like to live on the edge when I go for a haircut

60 days to go until Legion!

these 60 days will be the slowest now!

Does the size difference for DKs at login bother anyone else?

I'm surprised there's no achievement for this.

Free Heroic Archi Runs

Starting Thursday July 7th I will be doing FREE Heroic Archi runs for those in the community who have yet to get the AOTC Achievement and the Grove Warden Mount. We will be doing 4-5 runs each Thursday starting at 9PM EST US and will try to get in as many people as we can each run. Followers/Viewers on my twitch channel will have 1st priority followed by those who que up or whisper( It's completely free to follow me on twitch, and it guarantee's you a spot).We will have carries to help the run go along smoothly. I am doing this as a way to help out those who have not had the opportunity or means to get these achievements on their own and as a way to grow my twitch community. I love meeting and playing with new people so this will give me the opportunity to do that. If you like to join as a carry please add me on btag.Twitch- Btag- Krizzy#11846

This helm looks so good. I hope they fix it...

Raided for the first time since Firelands last night...

So last night I jumped on my shadow priest. I've been in the same guild for over 7 years now and whilst the population on both the server and the guild has died down, I refuse to leave based on sentimental value. These guys ran my priest through his first ever raid (Karazahn) as a trial and I got accepted. Whilst I wasn't in their A-squad, who were raiding Zul'aman etc, they still made me feel really welcome.So on and off raiding happened with me due to me finishing school and other commitments which eventually led me to quitting raiding after we downed Ragnaros HC10 man.Ever since then, I've done nothing but PVP with friends. Whilst I love doing arenas with my RL friends (no matter how bad they are haha) I always felt like logging on was such a massive chore as there was nothing to do other than my garrison missions and the occasional bg on an alt.So after logging on last night I noticed the guild were actually chatting so I decided to speak up and ask if anything fun was happening tonight. That's when I got an invite. I thought it must have been a missclick so I asked the leader if she'd meant to invite me or not."You're coming with us if you like it or not ;)" she replied.Despite my lack of knowledge of the Heroic HFC tactics, two and a half hours later we've downed Gorefiend and I have a returned love for the game. I changed some of my talents in the talent tree which completely changed my rotation and gave shadow priest a fresh feel to me. My guild mates were really understanding of my lack of experience in raiding and it made me feel part of a team again. I always managed to convince myself that PVE is just chasing that dragon. You get all your gear then your just helping other people get theirs. But it's so much more than that. The feeling of being part of a team is such an awesome feeling and working together in unison tops any other feeling I've gotten from PVP in the last 4 years.Sorry for the long message guys I just thought I'd share with you my experience of my love for the game reigniting.

(Spoiler) Legion Comic Preview

So I'm playing a druid for the first time and I'm coming to a slow realization

[LEGION] So I'm gonna call this a 10/10 expansion.

Illidan confronts Tyrande

One coffee please

Looks like the blood elf eye glow on new models is finally going to be fixed with the pre-patch.

Drinks....are on me (Legion)

Sketch of Mulgore [OC]

Went to the training dummy's in SW, they got a new friend. :)

If you had to whisper one line of WoW dialogue in to your partner's ear while having sex, what would it be?

I won't explain how this came up in conversation. The obvious answer was "you are not prepared" but that's A) obvious B) requiring a large phallus or C) requiring you to go at it like a jackhammer.

I want the quiver this panda has.

Someone on my server was offering a temporary discount for non-human art commissions, so I had this incredible piece done!

The greatest Legion change, Scarabs and other Ahn'Qiraj items are now vendorable!

Giving out codes for the game and a free month!!! Contact for a code!! Limited amount!!

I have just sent out all codes for the day!!! I'll leave this post up because I'll be sending them out for the next month!! Keep commenting and hopefully you will receive one!!!!!! Have a great night/day!!!

And so her life ends and one in a new world is about to start

I bet this wont mean anything to you, but im really excited about getting access to my old account. This is my VERY first character from the start of Vanilla. Just where i left it, oh the memories!

So my guild did mythic BRF earlier, this was our first pull on Operator

The Phantom of Azshara

Sometimes I look at gold selling websites just to laugh at their services prices, and I found this


BlizzardCS on Twitter: DDOS attack

The hardest enemy

Noob not knowing how to start after wife passed

Hi, I'm an older (30ish) player and late girlfriend used to play lots of WOW while she was going through chemo. Recently she passed away and want to get into a game that I never tried with her - I regret that. I am totally overwhelmed right now though, I've only ever played FPS. I watched a streamer video and decided instances looked like a lot of fun, can a noob do that? I haven't made an account yet because I know an expansion is coming out, should I join now or then? I want to play but I feel like I'll drag the others around me down because I don't know what I'm doing. Any tips on how to not blow? I've looked on on google but a lot of the videos seem too complex for what I'm trying to do - just start.I'd appreciate any advice, thank you.

I have made so many friends throughout the years - but they're all spread out across many low pop realms. Please Blizzard - reduce the price of transfers!

My title says it all. I just wish I could play with my friends who are all spread out. Some may say "Well just make a new toon on their realm!!!@1", but out of the 5 of us - we have mains spread across many different realms and no two people are in the same place.I'd love to see transfers reduced so I can start enjoying the MMO aspects of WoW again.

What the...

The little things

Screenshots - was sitting down atop an ice cave in Winterspring while I ate dinner and see a lvl?? Tauren fly up to me and communicate to me through /emotes. She brought me to a rare silver dragonhawk.Which I then tamed and named after her.I'm not sure if she assumed i was looking for it or not but I appreciate these little friendly things in this game so much.And its so rare to find such kindness.This dragonhawk shall be my main pet for a long time :)

Now that "Warcraft" crossed $400 million we can likely expect a sequel!

Top speed run guild Drive disbands after GM caught taking IRL money for boosts

I used to love kiting things to places they shouldn't be


Blizzard should have another 50% off services sale before Legion arrives.

Just saying.I'm sure a few thousand players would jump on that.

The mark of a A+ expansion?

[Legion] A certain warrior champion seems to be having a bad day

A few of my petrified victims

We had heard the Alliance were coming to kill Thrall (WotLK)

Watcher post on Titanforged gear and other random upgrades

World of Warcraft: Launch Day (11.23.2004)