New Shaman casting animation.

Lost a roll today, this depicts me so accurately.

Day 3. They still don't know I'm a druid

Jaina may be a Dreadlord, but did you know Varian was a Shivan demon?

In the Broken Shore scenario, Varian valiantly saves the day by splitting his sword in two and giving his life.But we know two things about Legion:You cannot change specs in combatFury Warriors can only dual wield 2 2-handersSo if Varian was dual wielding 2 2-handers at the time of his demise, then his fused sword must have been a 4-hander.What in the World of Warcraft has at least 4 hands? Shivan DemonsShivan Demons, who just so happen to fight with 4 1-handers.Did Varian really give his life so a few soldiers could escape, or was he returning to the Legion after working undercover?

TFW you 2 chest a 9 Cathedral, 3 chest the 11 Eye, and get a 14 Cathedral

7.3 is adding a console window where you can run /console commands, with a 'suggest' dropdown that shows cvar values.

The New Shaman Animations in 7.3 Lets Orcs Stand Upright

My impression of the Ur'zul Devourer (Spoilers)

Screw Draenor - A Leveling Guide

Illidan came back 5 months and a half ago, and we still have no interaction between him and Tyrande, nor Malfurion

It was the first thing I was looking for after beating Gul'Dan. How Tyrande and Malfurion would react to the news that Illidan is back, that he is finally a "good guy" and our best hope to counter the Legion ? Five months later, I'm still waiting. I know Illidan have been quite busy with the Broken Shore and the Tomb, but... come on ! How did'nt Tyrande and Malfurion move their ass to come to him ? Please Blizzard, give me some insight of what they think about his comeback. Also, still waiting for more lore about bitchee queen and wolfie oldman.

Since Blizz has a theme of second chances we brought in a new recruit for our heroic run.

Blizzard, Make More Audio Dramas!

I just rewatched The Tomb of Sargeras ( audio drama and I had forgotten how amazing it was. The level of tension, the powerful imagery, the connections and insights to familiar characters, it's all just so immersive. I feel like that aside from cutscences, stuff like that is a bit harder to pull of in-game.I'm sure another one is planned for next expansion due to the overwhelmingly positive response, I just love the potential idea of these being more frequent. How cool would it be to listen to a story about Turalyon and Alleria battling through worlds against the legion, or perhaps a retelling of the Burning Crusades arrival on Argus and Velen's exodus as a result?Not sure if here is the best place to catch Blizzes attention, but it's worth a shot.

Is it just me or does this lava lake look like a happy bear?

We Magneto now, boys!

Demon Hunter Flowchart

All the updated models in the 7.3 PTR made me think of one that needs it more than anything else...

After 6 months and ~100 attempts, I finally made our Warrior a pure mastery neck. And then I realized my mistake.

A strange portal it is

[Spoiler] New 7.3 PTR Holy Priest Animations

[Spoiler] Varimathras hasn't aged well

Spirit Healers are replaced with Prime Naaru on Argus

(7.3) All the new Titan Models

About Monk class fantasy and gear design...

The real Paladin tier we all want!

Imo Khadgar was a much needed key figure after WOTLK expansion

Up till the lich king, we had our main storylines. With cataclysm and beyond, blizzard introduced some new lore but without a real direction and follow ups. I like khadgar, despite being made a meme, because he shows us a direction. And along him we get to do side stories, be it the orcish clans, draenei in WoD or illidan and maiev in Legion.I like him being goofy at times, serious when needed and annoying during quests. I hope he can stay as long as blizz finds a replacement.Also better than green jesus

Made a comic about progressing on Fallen Avatar

When the stars align...

[Spoiler] New Ethereal Model

SPOILER: new mount we truly deserve

Azeroth is not flat, confirmed!

Beach Party Flowchart - Resto Shaman

A Mage on my Realm spams this every hour

Azeroth seen from Argus

[7.3 Spoiler] New mount from PTR.

Looking at Patch 7.3 Like

[Spoiler] Long awaited faces!

Patch 7.3 now on PTR

Method 6/9, World First Mistress Sassz'ine

I've recently discovered a new move to woo the ladies. I'm sure they won't be able to resist.

Shaman's ghost wolf is a real wolf in the shadow realm

On farm.

Elemental Mechanics - Fundamentally Fine or Fundamentally Flawed?

There was a "blue post" from Lore stating that they don't believe anything is "fundamentally wrong" with Elemental mechanics. I disagree just a bit, so I wrote some words. Since the early days of WoW I've been a Shaman, doing a lot of theorycrafting for Elemental Shaman (and other mathy projects), so even though I made the switch to Mage for Legion I'm still highly qualified to comment.

Guide to running your own chicken shop

My first screenshot of WoW. (4th July 2007)

Very Important Information.

This has been posted before, but for those not in the know, you can summon a cat, target it and then do /sit to make it sit in your lap.

Feral flowchart?

Advanced Demon Hunter Flowchart for bosses

Wheat farming isn't a joke, learn how to harvest it with this flowchart.

Hyrja does not scale correctly in Mythic+

My guild was doing a 14 HoV earlier tonight, and after multiple wipes on Hyrja we started to think that the fight was bugged. During Eye of the Storm, we were taking literally unhealable damage. 1.3m+ ticks every 1.5 seconds.After taking a look and analysing the damage we were taking, we realised that the fight was not scaling correctly, resulting in literally unhealable damage during EotS.Essentially, the way the mechanic works on base mythic is that the damage ticks for ~340,000 per tick, and the shield reduces that damage by ~260,000.This means that the shield roughly reduces the base damage of the ability by 75%.In Mythic+, while the damage from Eye of the Storm scales with the level, the damage that the shield reduces does not.This means that at our level 14, she was doing ~250% increased damage. This meant that every base tick of damage was hitting for ~1,200,000, plus the extra from her buff.If the fight scaled correctly, I would expect the shield to reduce ~910,000. This would result in a roughly 75% reduction, and give us ticks of approximately 390,000 while standing in the barrier.However, the damage reduction from the shield does not scale with level. This means that when you start hitting the higher M+ levels and getting base ticks of ~1,200,000, the shield is still only reducing that by ~260,000, meaning you're taking upwards of 1,000,000 damage per tick.This is absolutely, 100%, fundamentally broken. As you increase in level, this boss becomes exponentially harder, and very quickly becomes simply unhealable.Below I have attached the log for our run, and isolated the damage taken on our best pull. As you can clearly see, the damage from Eye of the Storm is absolutely insane. We were getting average hits of 1.8m INSIDE the shield, and you can very clearly see that it's doing far, FAR more damage than it's intending to do. Here's another interesting graph, showing damage taken per second over the course of a single Eye of the Storm - fix for this is very simple - Make it so that Hyrja's shield reduces the damage taken from Eye of the Storm by 75%. This means that as the boss scales in Mythic+, so does the amount absorbed by the shield.The relative amount of damage taken in the shield is still the same, and the damage taken during that phase increases at the correct rate with each level of M+.EDIT: To the people saying we were not managing the Empowerment debuff correctly, please see this log - were executing the fight as intended, and the stacks were dropping off her.

My most important WeakAura