Odyn is the absolute worst.

Does anyone else hate doing anything Stormheim-related because they fucking hate interacting with Odyn?The entire zone of Stormheim (apart from the Greymane vs. Sylvanas conflict) is just proving our worth to Odyn. He knows that Skovald isn't even honoring the old traditions and is actively trying to side with demons and help end the world. Yet the only reason he gives us the Aegis of Aggramar is because we got their first, like he doesn't give a crap about actually saving the world, he only cares about meaningless displays of strength. And then after we prove our valor (again!) by defeating his challenges and Skovald, we have to prove ourselves yet another time by defeating him.But wait, there's more! We go to do him a favor and defeat Helya, who's been wreaking havoc in Stormheim. But first, we need to fight Odyn because VALOR! Wouldn't want any "unworthy" people to help save his ass. By the way, the only reason Helya is evil is because Odyn forcibly turned her into the first valkyr against her will, so there's that.Now I'm in the middle of the Balance of Power questline, and criticisms of that actual questline aside, we have a little segment where we need to get get Odyn's blessing and pass some ancient trials or whatever so we can empower our artifacts even more. What the fuck? How many times can we prove ourselves to this self-absorbed, pretentious megalomaniac? We have to present him with a feast and then run Neltharion's Lair so we can get Adamantium scraps to use for Odyn's fucking plates, and then MAYBE he'll grant us an audience so we can prove our VALOR again.Then there's the artifact questline for several specs involving Sigryn. We're all set to have her take over Skovald's position and lead the Tideskorn away from their evil ways, until she finds out that it was, of course, our honorable and VALOROUS! Odyn who sent assassins during the night to murder two children and a shieldmaiden. Honor indeed.Why are doing anything for this fuckwad? He's doing nothing to protect the world unless we come crawling to him to beg his assistance and jump through hoops to "prove" ourselves time and time again. At this point, he should be proving himself to us.Sorry for the rant, but he's just a shallowly written, awful character.