Just want to say something to those in bad times right now

Whoever you are, I wish you a Happy New Years eve and hope the best for you in this new year. Just remember, things get better sooner or later. Also, WoW Is always there for you to play.

Old but gold


Asking all the important questions...


Little thing made me smile

+3 Court pug, I'm 877 Outlaw, other DPS's were in the 860's, 870 (I think) healer, and an 892 tank. The whole time the tank is getting on everyone about "I need 3 chests, y'all better not fuck up". Get to last boss with about 60 seconds to get 3, the second we go over time the tank runs out, leaves the group and hearths. What the hell man. But the group is positive, our healer is a Druid and we have a warlock so the healer hearths out to respec and we summon him back. First time this gal has ever tanked as a Druid by the way. Everyone gives her pointers on what to do, we pull it together and finish it out 4 man. Added 3 new friends to my list.

Found this very cute encounter while doing my world quests in Suramar


Stormkeeper + chain lighting can pull off some pretty neat effects in bgs. That damage is beautiful.


A commission I had done of my wife's Draenei Mistweaver for our anniversary. Info in comments.


My brother is out partying. And I'm here...


Upgrade my sons computer for Christmas, started asking him about it, and things got weird. Story in comments.


Our Tank's own Digital Artwork of his character


Players are lying to GMs about losing pages due to server issues and getting free Artifact Knowledge pages.


my /r/secretsanta came in the mail today, love it!


Why do goblins look so angry while they fish?XD


Friend who's new to wow sent me this today


A warrior made out of things that trigger warriors


Wishing Alterac Valley was more like a battle, not a PVE race.

Missing Old AV from back in vanilla. Yeah I know there were ones that lasted days, but at least it felt like a war. Now it just feels like a sprint instead of a strategized battle with choke points etc. Some of my favorite memories from Vanilla were in the valley. Am I alone in missing this?

Anyone else love WoW, but feel like they are better off without it?

I really do enjoy WoW, but last week my sub ended. I had work so I was just going to resub after a couple day break but its turned into a week now. I've been doing other stuff I've missed, like running, biking, and reading. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's nothing wrong with playing wow, I think I just have a problem with moderation. I play a little every morning and then every night, not leaving time for other games and hobbies.

7.1.5 Hype is getting crazy in my Gchat.


There is a corrupted portal in the Druid Class hall. If you get close enough you can hear dragons screaming.


We made it!


How to get 10-11 Seals of Broken Fate the day Nighthold launches.

Hello all! I don't know if this is common knowledge or anything, but I thought I'd share with you all.With the release of Nighthold on the 17th of January you can start saving up Seals of Broken Fate to get either 10-11 of them.AFAIK they will NOT be releasing new seals with Nighthold.Starting the week of the 3rd of January you can start saving seals.Week of January 3rd = 3 sealsWeek of January 10th = 3 sealsThats the max you can currently hold (6).Then the week of January 17th (Nighthold release week) there will be an additional 3 more that you can get AFTER you spend/roll 3 seals that you already have saved up.So far = 9 seals.Another seal will come from Timewalking quest that comes out on the 17th.Total so far = 10 sealsIF you get a class hall mission sometime in these 3 weeks, you can sit on it and get another seal (if you bonus roll the bonus roll lol)Total seals = 11Just a helpful tip/trick if you want to get those tier pieces/trinkets/off pieces sooner.

LPT: Quick teleport to Warlock Class Hall

In the Underbelly, there's a vendor named K'huta that sells portals within the Underbelly. For 150 Sightless Eyes, buy the portal at the Guard Station and the Rear Entrance. It places a portal in front of the Class Hall and the Guard Station.That way when you hearth to Dalaran, just turn left to the sewers, take the portal at the guard station and it will teleport you in front of the class hall, instead of walking all the way across Dalaran.

Suramar storyline

Now that it looks like all quest chains are completed and we wait for Nighthold to open, what do you think about Suramar and Nightfallen storyline? Personally I found myself reading through every quest there and find the story very well written and interesting. The weekly quests were also great and made me really feel like we are slowly progressing towards a big finale. I think that they did an amazing job getting us to hate and be hyped to finally deal with Elisandre after months of watching what she is capable of. Anyways what do you think, are you looking forward to our final confrontation with Elisandre?

So I decided to explore the Karazhan catacombs where you obtain the Affliction artifact. Before leaving I found this interesting work of art.


Out of the 599 Arathi Basin games I have participated in since launch, I have never seen a tie game until today. Didn't know it was possible.


Dark Souls 4


After being in queue for almost 1h, I guess I shouldn't have told them that


Found Greatfather Winter coming down the Snowblind Mesa. He gave me 500 resources as a present!


@Blizzard, please fix tab targeting soon

dear blizzard, i hope you read this or at least are aware of it.somehow you've messed up tab targeting in one of the latest patches. it's getting really annoying. i'm a tank and i need to switch targets fast and i need consistency there.but very often tab targeting just won't work as it's supposed to. sometimes i have two mobs right in front of me. i want to switch between the two with tab. but instead of doing the logical thing of switching to the next mob that's right in front of me, the game targets a mob far away from me that's not even in combat.i'm aware there are addons that supposedly change tab targeting back to the old version but this just doesn't work. there are also some cvars that may fix it but they have been removed from the game. on top of that i don't even have the scan target feature bound to a key. it still applies to the standard "target nearest enemy" function.so, there are multiple things wrong with targeting. it really starts to get annoying, especially considering blizzard being such a huge company and charging for a product each month. i expect these things to work and if not they need to get fixed fast, not persist till the next major update.

One of Blizzard's 3D artists reimagines Tier 2 Judgement armor (not official, just personal project)


This girl is our warchief


Got my hidden Ashbringer skin today, Deathknight can be a confusing name for a paladin...


You can switch through your artifact weapons to see the appearances/spend AP at the forge without switching specs.

Just hold shift and click the artifact weapon.Thought this needed its own thread because it got a good amount of attention in this thread.

The Twilight Vineyard provides exceptional customer service: not even death can curb their enthusiasm.


Saved my final quest for earning Exalted with the Nightfallen for a bigger AP reward.


Legion is the first expansion I have ever raided in, my guild killed Mythic Xavius today!


Be your own boss, like this guy!


That moment when you can't help captives :(


A Guide to choosing Order Hall Champions

TL; DR: 2/2/1 Specs, 2 AoE, then 2/1 of the others. Don't have your solo-spec also be the solo-counter. Pick the best mission completion traits.A long time ago, this post was done as a guide to picking order hall champs. The effort was great, the logic sound, and the inital assumptions were all completely wrong. Unknown information at the time, but it is what it is.I started tracking missions by hand a while ago. It wasn't very long before I hit a problem - a mission that I'd already marked had a different spec when it came up again. The first couple times I just updated it to the new one thinking I'd written it down wrong, but it just kept happening.It turns out that the "spec" needed for a mission is random, while the other counters are fixed. After tracking for a few months, my current spreadsheet can be found here.Note that I've only tracked the missions you get once your champions reach ilvl 850. There are others as you level up and gather follower equipment, but those aren't important in the grand scheme of things.The Data:Total Missions: 52 (I condensed all the "Investigate X Dungeon" down to one, as they're all the same and you can only have one up at a time).AoE Counters: 40Interrupt Counters: 28Dodge Counters: 23Therefore, you want 2 of your champions to be AoE counters, then a 2/1 split of the others. Since the spec is completely random, you just want to go 2/2/1 however is best. As a side note, you probably want to avoid having the solo-spec be the same character as the solo-counter as using that one in a mission greatly reduces your options for other missions.A quick note on Combat Allies: If you're using one, it's because you want the 50 Gold and 100 Resources you get per world quest - it's a massive liability to mission success rate to only have 4 real champions. I'll note the grouping for 4 if you need the resources anyway.My Characters, as an example of how to choose:Hunter:The first thing we notice is that both Survival champions are bad for missions. Going Solo (Rexxar) is rare (4 solo AoE, and it has to hit Surv as well), and the reduced mission time for Addie is surprisingly bad as well. There are only 14 missions that are 4 or 5 hours base, which gives her the bonus with a Carrot item, and of those only 9 have her Interrupt counter as well.Similarly, Emmarel's ability is pretty poor - she counters Dodge, and has a bonus vs Interrupt. There are only 4 missions with both.Hemet is great (probably the best champ in the game, 15% extra at all times and counters AoE), Hilaire for the second AoE (because Rexxar is bad), Addie as SV, then Blake and Halduron are both solid.All the requirements are met (2/2/1 spec, 2 AoE then 2/1 INT/Dge, and the counter from the solo spec (INT from Addie) is also covered by Blake.For combat ally: Rexxar (#AlwaysHuffer) in Blake's spot, but note that Hilare is bad as well then. Probably better to go Rexxar/Hilaire/Emmarel/Hemet/Addie.Druid:Broll may be NATURE'S RAGE, but his ability doesn't help mission completion rate at all. Therefore we have to take Mylune (the only other Dodge). We also only want one Resto as neither one helps completion rate.The rest are really flexible and there are two ways to go: Remulos/Brightwing/Zen'tabra/Hamuul, or Naralex/Sylendra/Hamuul/Zen'tabra - both meet the requirements and both have benefits. Brightwing as the solo-Resto with AoE is nice, but Sylendra's hearts work better with the Ancient of War as you can keep a Resto AoW up forever.Combat Ally: Broll (CA), then Mylune/Naralex/Hamuul/Sylendra.Warrior:Man the Warrior champs are bad. Not just one but TWO solo-champions (Svergan and Thorim), and Finna as the only other Prot with the awful INT/Dge combination. On top of that, the Shieldmaidens get the extra bonus on Dge, not AoE. Ugh.We're basically forced to take Finna (only Prot), Hymdall (only Dge), Ragnvald/Hodor (2 AoEs), then Ymiron (not good, but Dvalen is the only other option and that'd be 3 Fury).A quick note on Hymdall: 15% bonus on long missions is GREAT - 27 meet that requirement (about half), and you get both equipment slots dedicated to it as well for a massive 85% bonus on long missions. With Addie, you lose one slot for the Carrot.Combat Ally: Dvalen or Thorim in Ymiron's spot.Shaman:Only 2 AoEs, so take them (even though Mylra is bad). It's actually pretty hard to go wrong with the rest, and any combination that meets the basic rules is going to be fine here.It's probably good to reserve Rehgar as a combat ally due to his ability. I go with Mylra/Celestos/Avalanchon/Hydraxis/Nobundo - the Broken is a little weak but it sets the solo-ENH as an AoE counter, putting Muln in Nobundo's spot is totally fine too.Combat Ally: Rehgar (CA) in Avalanchon's spot.Priest:Priest is easy. Only 2 AoEs, take them (Sol/Calla). Take both Shadow champions due to Shadow Heresy (Natalie/Zabra). All four of the others actually work as the 5th - Mariella or Alonsus have the best abilities (and I like having Alonsus as the combat ally slot, so I go with Mariella).Combat Ally: Alonsus in Mariella's slot.Hope that helps, and may your Artifact Power missions always be 200%!

If you join someone else's low key, don't be an asshole if they aren't 3 chesting it.

Seems to be such a frequent occurrence when I do alt runs with a group of friends. We lack one player and sign up through LFG, we don't advertise it as a 3 chest run or anything like that.We were doing CoS6 today and the rogue in our group couldn't stop complaining about how we're inviting "garbage alts" and we're "wasting time". We still finished the dungeon on time, but the guy was a miserable sod from start to finish.What's your process when you join a random group that isn't advertising itself as 3 chests? Is a 3 chest clear the expected standard now? Is there any justification in being mad when that doesn't happen? Or should you expect that sometimes people are playing and gearing their alts and it isn't always going to be a quick 3 chest run?http://ift.tt/2iwrPyf

When laid over a map of Ancient Kalimdor, the "Sigil of the Watcher" from the Necronomicon, points to Uldum, Ulduar, and Uldaman [xpost /r/warcraftlore]

So, as we know, the lore in warcraft is heavily inspired by Lovecraft. I received a copy of the Simon Necronomicon for Christmas. Remembering the old theory that overlayed a pentagram on top of the map to try and prove it corresponded to the locations of the Old Gods, I decided to dig a little deeper.These are the three sigils from the NecronomiconBetter image, from googleHere they are overlaid as one on the coverAnd here is their meaningThe text, transcribed, since the image is hard to read:Of the three carved symbols, the first is the Sign of our Race from beyond the Stars, and is called ARRA in the tongue of the Scribe who taught it to me, an emissary of the Elder Ones. In the tongue of the eldest city of Babylon, it was UR. It is the Sigil of the Covenant of the Elder Gods, and when they see it, they who gave it to us, they will not forget us. They have sworn!Spirit of the Skies, Remember!The second is the Elder Sign, and is the Key whereby the Powers of the Elder Gods may be summoned, when used with the proper words, and shapes. It has a Name, and is called AGGA.The third sign is the Sigil of the Watcher. It is called BANDAR. The Watcher is a Race sent by the Elder Ones. It Keeps vigil while one sleeps, provided the appropriate ritual and sacrifice has been performed, else, if called, it will turn upon you.The Ancient Ones = The Old GodsThe Elder Gods/Ones/Things = The TitansTherefore, it stands to reason from the context, thatThe Watchers = The KeepersHere is a map of Ancient Kalimdor, before The SunderingAnd, without further ado, here is the Sigil of the Watchers overlaid with a map of Ancient KalimdorThe three major points align roughly with the locations of Ulduar, Uldaman, and Uldum, the cities where The Keepers were left to protect the races of Azeroth.The oval at the end, in the way it begins from a curve and then loops onto itself, and is not a perfect circle like other circles, indicates to me that it symbolizes infinite time. This doesn't seem coincidental, considering that it is right smack dab where the Caverns of Time are.Also, I didn't have time to make an image for it, but the Elder Sign (the second of the three linked above), when overlaid on a map of current Azeroth, correspond to the locations of the World Trees.The central three points, beginning with the circle and including the intersection as a point, correspond to Teldrassil, Nordrassil, and Shaladrassil. The bottom left point is near Un'Goro, where the failed tree that became Il'Gynoth is. The last point at the top points to Vordrassil, in Grizzly Hills.This makes sense alongside it's meaning, as the World Trees are places of power derived from the Titans.If I had to guess at how the first symbol, the "wiccan star", maps onto the races of Azeroth:Top point: Northrend. Earthen (Vrykul/Gnomes/Dwarves/Drogbar)Top Left point: Northern Kalimdor. Night Elves.Bottom Left point: Southern Kalimdor. Tauren, possibly, being nomadic and having no complete written history, may have originated near Uldum and been driven north by Qiraji.Top Right point: Northern Eastern Kingdoms. HumansBottom Right point: Southern Eastern Kingdoms. TrollsIf you used a six-pointed Star of David instead, then the extra 6th point at the bottom would be in Pandaria.If there is any occult symbolism in this game, given how inspired it is by the Lovecraft mythos, this would be it.In fact, when you google "Sigil of the Watcher", the first two results that come up are a page on the Necronomicon, and this item from Ulduar. Item names in the game are very often references.Thoughts?EDIT: Before this starts to frighten anyone, and before any Southern Baptists start linking to this as proof that WoW is the work of the devil, I want to add a disclaimer about the occult."Occult" =/= "Evil. "Occult" simply means "hidden knowledge". Though some evil people seek the occult for personal gain and destruction, others who seek it do it out of curiosity and survival, hoping to learn of that evil so that they may protect themselves and those they love against it.It should be noted that the symbols here are not "evil" symbols meant to invoke demons or evil of any sort, but rather the purpose of the symbols as described is to protect the wearer from evil. Do not confuse the Wiccan Star, which is a positive symbol, with the Pentagram, which is that symbol inverted, and represents evil. It's like the difference between a cross and an inverted cross.

The Halls have fallen


You can collect Bloods of Sargeras while leveling alts.

Bloods are farmable while leveling alts from 100 by enchanting an heirloom shoulder with Boon of the Bloodhunter while on your main character (with revered The Wardens), then mailing it to your alt to level wearing. You sacrifice one slot of level appropriate gear for 40-50+ bloods.EDIT: I believe the other Legion shoulder enchants would work too, but i haven't specifically tested anything except the blood enchant.

I wish Ironforge could be a hub again.

Really enjoy it there a lot. Wish they would put a transmog npc at Ironforge and give it some mission boards as well as portals. Doing the winter events have reminded me how much I enjoyed the city.

Did they fix prolonged power to proc more than 20? Happened during an alt raid yesterday


Hi, Can we remove the priest/MC requirement for Blast furnace in BRF so it can be solo'd easier?

I love doing old raids with my friends but we can't do it because we don't have a spriest :'(

It has been a long time since I have truly enjoyed doing a dungeon, but last night brought me beautiful memories of a time long ago.

It was three in the morning. I had just gotten done with work, had poured myself a glass of scotch, and launched World of Warcraft. I turned off all of my lights. My keyboard and PC LED's being the only source of ambient light.I've been leveling up my protection Paladin because my guild had no need for another Frost DK, so I told them that I would fill a tanking spot with my pally. I tanked with this pally during Wrath, Cata, and Mists- but switched over to my DK during WoD.I logged on and queued up for normal Eye of Azshara for the Pillar of Creation quest. Due to me being a tank, I was given an insta queue. Let me preface this by saying that I've been playing WoW for a long time, since the beginning of BC. Back then it seemed like the game was a lot more challenging, that dungeons were not just five people being randomly grouped together and killing things with no communication. Perhaps I was just younger and more stupid back then, or perhaps the difficulty truly has been lessened. Either way, I've longed for the days of the Warcraft that I knew and loved. Where dungeon groups felt like adventuring with a group of friends. I still try and talk to my groups now a days, but I very rarely receive responses.I get into EoA and begin to pull ads. I start off small in order to gauge the strength of our healer, but even pulling two Nagas seemed like a challenge for her. We make it through the first trash group and approach the boss. I pull, we wipe. The healer apologizes profusely and told us that she was a relatively new player. No one was angry, no one left the group. We all just said, "don't worry about it."We started to give her tips on healing, and I told her that if she sees other people going down, heal them and ill take care of myself. Another guy is giving her specific rotations, while another is giving her advice on what stats she should focus on. We kill the first boss with relative ease, and then down the next on our first try.We get to Serpentrix and I begin pulling the Hydras and crabs. But our hunter accidentally pulls the boss. We wipe. Four of us run the route back to the boss with no difficulty, but our healer didn't know the route, and kept getting killed by Ads. I know that I should have waited for her, but I forgot that new players can have troubles running a weird route in order to avoid as many trash packs as possible. She dies three times trying to get to us, and eventually one of the DPS' rides to her on his Mammoth, has her hop on, and shows her the route.We clear the trash around Serpentrix and pull the boss. We wipe the first time, but kill it the second. King Dreadbeard was no problem, and WoA gave us no trouble. At the end we all agreed that this was the most fun we've had in a long time. It was social, it was difficult, it was reminiscent of the WoW I had spent so much time in so long ago.She asked if we could run another, but the 3 DPS' all said they were getting off. I decided to run another with her. We finish Halls of Valor pretty easily, the whole time I'm whispering tips to her. Its six in the morning now, and I decide that I should probably go to sleep. She thanks me for all the help, and I say it was my pleasure. I told her to add me in case she wants to do another at a later time, and then I logged off.It was the most fun I've had in WoW in a long time. No one got angry, not a single person left the group, we all just remembered back to the days when we were noobs. When we were told that Warriors probably shouldn't be wearing intellect gear. I realized that this WoW isn't dead, it just takes a good group of people to bring it out.Have fun guys.

[Theory] Whispers Of Il'gynoth : Helya x-post warcraftlore

Hey guys, I've posted this over on r/warcraftlore a few weeksback and got some great feedback including requests to try my luck here so here we go.I've come up with a theory regarding one Two of Il'gynoth's whispers, It's a pretty far stretch but hear me out. One of the whispers goes as the following :"At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming". We all imminently went towards Sylvanas and how she's died twice already and since she's a main character it makes sense, something about this interpretation didn't stick with me, for two main reasons:1) Sylvanas has already Died three times : First time by Arthas (Becoming a banshee). Second time she died in Wotlk (cast herself off the top of Icecrown Citadel ). Third time in the forsaken starting zone. This reason can be dismissed by overlooking the second death and stating that it may be Yogg'saron with his hrmmm, her shklee's mind altering powers.2)Vol'jin's death: When Vol'jin died he had summoned Sylvanas to him because of a vision that the Loa spirits gave him , he stated that he never trusted her and that he would never have imagined that She would save them but despite all of that doubt , he gives her the mantle of Warchief which seems to say that the Loa showed him something of grave importance.This Argument may also be dismissed as a trick of the Legion or the old gods and that Vol'jin has been tricked by them.Nevertheless I cannot be pleased with saying that Sylvanas is the "She" that Il'gynoth is refering to.While looking for other candidates I've come acroos one that fits the puzzle pretty well and it seems like Blizzard has neglected story wise.Helya fits the bill pretty well and it makes a lot of sence story wise,Regarding her deaths I've taken the more poetic approach for "Death", In this approach Helya has died twice already and a third by us.First time being betrayed by Odyn and being turned into the first Val'kyr. Second time is when she succumbed to the Whispers of yogg'saron (Look at what it turned her into) Third time by us eventually killing her. You might ask, what did us killing her do? how is this "Ushering in" the old gods coming?To answer that let me Relate you to another Whisper of Il'gynoth and a pretty popular theory surrounding it"The lord of ravens will turn the key."The interpetation I'm speaking of is the following, The king of raven is refered to in mythology as Odyn and the key is the thing that would let the Legion and or The old gods back into azeroth.Keeping that in mind , Killing Helya released Odyn from his "Curse" Freeing him to do whatever the hell he pleases (The first thing he does is go to Ulduar still has some of Yoggsaron's influence left) .What i'm saying basicly is that so far we've only heard the story of Helya from Odyn's Point of view where she is portrayed as a villian, But what if we are all mistaken and she had another reason to lock Odyn up, what if there is more than meets the eye here more than an ultimate good vs an ultimate evil,What if... by killing helya we have "Ushered in their coming"But hey, thats just a theory... A WoW Theory Thanks for watching{They story of Helya could also be lacking as we know Blizzards likes to skip out on "Water related" Stories Ahem Neptulon Ahem}TL;DR - Helya is misunderstood, by killing her and freeing Odyn we have doomed Azeroth.

If You Queue Healer Then Heal...


And this is why I will always love Blizzard's customer service.