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So it's Cata Timewalking this week...

Out of all the DK changes on the PTR, this is clearly the most significant and necessary

Queen Azshara Fanart

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Blizzard gave survival hunters the most LITERALLY useless ability ever. Waylay.

Okay, so i've leveled up a hunter from 1-110, played survival all the way. I adore this class and enjoy how it plays and I can usually pull very good damage with it after figuring out how it works. Throw grenade, pop trap, bleed, smack away. I was excited to hear about the changes to how traps would work because that would be an even better class design. A melee hunter who masters traps. Sounds great!Except that it's not.It's fucking awful.Reading over Waylay and how it works, it triggers after 2 seconds of placing a trap on the ground that increases the effects of said placed trap by making it more deadly. Okay, that's all fine and dandy but when you place a trap on the ground at an enemy's feet it explodes immediately, making Waylay pointless. You can only use the Waylay ability by predicting how the boss is gonna move. Well that's not that bad, all bosses have a predictable movement right?Fuck no.The tanks move the boss, and depending on how the tank is going to move the boss, you can throw the trap right in it's direction, or have it be completely ignored the entire fight, making your DPS drop to shit levels. It's an extra mechanic the tank isn't going to want to have to worry about because he's already got WAY too much shit going on. I can only see this actually being useful in fights where you 100% know where the enemy is going to move (Dragons in EN for example, just pop it in between the two and leave it there for them to run over when the tanks swap) Otherwise it's unpredictable.So how can this be balanced out? Well, how about letting us use more than one trap? Let's give the option to add steel trap back into the mix for that extra missed DPS. Okay, well it'll give me some more variety in my rotation. Let's have Waylay proc it as well. Uhhhh okay, but that defeats the purpose of using it.BUT WAIT, Let's have it only affect enemies who aren't in combat.Seriously? That is the most useless thing ever. Because everything that you're fighting IS GOING TO BE IN COMBAT. All raid content, All dungeon content, even solo content! And even outside of dungeons, you have to throw it down on the ground and hope the enemy runs into it just to start the pull! No one's going to wait around for that one, they're going to charge right in and just bullrush everything.You want to fix this blizzard and make it about traps? Here's a good way to fix it. Three changes that can fix this entire nonsense right where it stands.One - Remove the instant trigger from all the traps when enemies run near them.Two - Remove and mechanic that restricts the trap from doing major damage to enemies out of combat. Bad bad bad design.Three - DETONATEHow would Detonate work? Simple. It's a added ability to your traps that will ONLY make them explode when you want them to. Say, AFTER 2 SECONDS TO TRIGGER THE WAYLAY EFFECT for bonus damage.It would promote patience, and you'd be able to trigger the traps around your damage boosts for INSANE burst damage capabilities. You place however many traps you have, wait for waylay, then Unleash all kinds of hell with detonate. Steel trap would play a much larger effect into your rotation, and explosive trap would do much more damage WITHOUT feeling like crap.I love survival, I love how it plays, and I don't want to change my class or stop playing it because blizzard makes changes without fully planning this stuff through.TL;DR - Fuck Waylay, make it better by letting us blow up our own traps after Waylay triggers, then YAY WAYLAY.edit: u/DimmuHS made a good point. When you're fighting bosses that are completely stationary, you are absolutely fucked when using Waylay because they CANNOT be moved from that spot, so no running into traps that you have placed.Edit 2: Another good point has been brought up that the requirement for being out of combat has been removed entirely. This means that it's got a primer for bosses on pull. So start of the fight you can pop traps that do much better damage. Plus PvP aspect is probably really good because you're constantly hitting people who don't expect traps. Not entirely as useless, thank god.IT'S NOT AS USELESS AS IT WAS. Still needs reworking. See first edit.

Mannequin Challenge WOW style

Doing wardens WQ feels like

Monthly reminder that Sha of Anger could use a QOL change.

The last post was a month ago. As someone currently flying in mid air at the top of the hill trying to seek out all his spawn points at once, I feel I could use this time wisely and make the post.At the moment, for people who don't hunt for Heavenly Onyx(why? It's beautiful), if Sha spawns and you're nowhere near it(even if you are sometimes), it'll get killed within 5-10 seconds by a properly geared 110. Every other world boss that drops a mount to my knowledge has one spawn location(even Rukhmar despite the fact he flies around), Sha is the only one which is incredibly frustrating to kill.I propose, as per the last thread, that an image of Sha could go out along with his zone-wide spawn shout, the image would basically be an un-targettable 'shadow' of Sha, so everybody could see where he spawns, and it would persist for 30 seconds. This is ample time to fly from one side of the zone to the other. After 30 seconds, Sha properly spawns and everybody can tag and go another week without Heavenly Onyx.I don't see any negatives to this and it's pretty much just to keep people from spending, in rare cases, an hour trying to kill one world boss.Tl;dr - shadow of Sha spawns for 30 seconds instead of Sha, people fly over, Sha spawns, pewpew, deado.

One of the most aggravating things in WoW

Some interesting facts on how WoW is influenced by the Norse world / mythology. (Magni Bronzebeard, Thrall, Thorim...trees)

Hey guys, so I'm writing my final paper for one of my classes, "The Viking World." I was given approval from my professor to integrate WoW into it, heavily. Edit: Please be aware the research is not done yet. So I have not "missed" anything. Feel free to add in though! New topics will come up such as Tyr, the rest of the keepers of Ulduar..... etc.You are more than welcome to critique my arguments. This is research... a lot of information. A few things were already noted as incorrect or not entirely adding up. I will not throw a fit if you spot something that is wrong or does not line up....Or if you wish to go against my argument.Basically, I am comparing any recognizable things in WoW that relate to the Norse world.... and how Blizzard distorts/twists it in their own ways.Surprisingly, I had to do a lot of research. There wasn't much information easily available linking WoW with Norse mythology! (Aside from Stormheim and Skyhold) The two zones just wasn't enough in my opinion to capture the entire WoW universe.Before you ask, Norse and Viking are interchangeable terms.... the difference is the occupation of the Norsemen. Viking (Vikingr) is refering to Norsemen as sailors or pirates. More info here: "“Norse” and “Viking” refer to the same Germanic people who settled in Scandinavia during the Viking Age who spoke Old Norse. “Norse” refers to Norsemen who were full-time traders, and Vikings refers to people who were actually farmers but were part-time warriors led by people of noble birth."The research is not done yet but this is what I have:World TreesYggdrasil is actually from Norse mythology. It is as well considered the world tree. Although there were other world trees in Norse mythology, I can't find much information on them. In WoW there are 6 from what I have read.YggdrassilNordrassil “Crown of the Heavens”, has a Well of EternityTeldrassil “Crown of the Earth”Vordrassil “Broken Crown” – previously called “Crown of the Snow” – was corrupted by a God named Yogg’saronShaladrassil – provides a portal to a parallel realm called “The Emerald Dream”One unnamed tree that is home to a God, Ill’gynothNote: Yggdrasil means "Odin's Horse." Ygg(r) was one of Norse Odin's nicknames. (Not WoW Odyn) drassil also means horse. (Simek, Rudolf (2007). Dictionary of Northern Mythology. Translated by Angela Hall.)Magni Bronzebeard & Thorim VS. Magni and ThorWe all know our good man Magni Bronzebeard. His name comes directly from Norse mythology. Norse Magni was known as one of Thor's two sons. Norse Magni's brother was Modi. The names Modi and Magni meant "Brave" and "Strong." Magni Bronzebeard in general has both of those traits.In the WoW universe Magni Bronzebeard is also a Blacksmith and forged "The Ashbringer." Norse Magni was not a blacksmith. Blizzard combined Norse Magni and another Norse mythology character Brokkr to create Magni Bronzebeard. Here's where things begin tying together. In Norse mythology, Brokkr, forged Thor's weapon Mjolnir. Obviously, WoW Magni did not do that and has no ties with Thorim. However, WoW Magni forged "The Ashbringer" as I said before.As I said already, Magni has no ties to Thorim in-game. However, Thorim is almost directly related to Norse Thor. They both represent a lot of Thunder. Thorim carries a weapon in game named Krolmir which is a reference to Mjolnir. Even the wife (Sif) made it into the game... guess you can't go anywhere without wife aggro.Recap:Magni Bronzebeard = (Norse Magni + Norse Modi + Brokkr) - (Having any relation to Thor)Brokkr was a blacksmith. Norse Magni was notBrokkr forged Mjolnir for Norse ThorMjolnir is actually in the game as Thorim's weapon but renamed as Krolmir, Hammer of StormsIn the WoW universe Magni Bronzebeard did not make Thorim's weapon Mjolnir. Instead Bronzebeard made Ashbringer. This implies that Magni is also Brokkr in a way of forging a great weapon.Thorim is in fact related to Thor on almost all accounts with no distortion.Thrall*Edit: Some of you are saying that Thrall's story line ties closer with Moses (or in fact is). Here I'm merely comparing his traits as a character to Njal. Professor OK'd this as he wants us to take any evidence of anything and form an opinion about it. *Ah, here's another good tie to Norse mythology. Thrall in Norse (the language) meant slave. I'm sure the name is a dead giveaway for anyone with good vocabulary. Thralls (slaves) in the Viking world were always described as ugly. In the game Orcs aren't pretty! In fact, social status meant everything in the Viking world. If you want an example just read the first couple of short chapters in Saga of the Volsungs.In WoW, Thrall was raised as a slave to Blackmore (leader of Durnholde). Directly from the wowwikki: "Blackmoore gave him the name Thrall, which was another word for "slave" in the human tongue. Blackmoore returned with Thrall to his fortress, Durnholde Keep, raising him as a gladiator with all the savagery of an orc, but with the keen strategic intellect of a human."Our class just finished reading Njal's Saga and Thrall actually relates to the main character, Njal. Njal was very wise, noble and made smart decisions. Njal and Thrall almost have this indirect tie of social status and intellect (obviously after Thrall was brought back into Orc culture in later years). Njal had a good friend at a neighboring household named Gunnar, who was the head of his own house hold. In the story line their wives were out for each other but Njal and Gunnar kind of shrugged it off and kept their friendship bond strong. Even afterwords when new conflicts arose, they kept strong bonds. This reminds me of Thrall attempting to make peace with the humans. In Njal's saga, everyone went to Njal for advice. Thrall seems like a good man to go to for advice as well.Note: Njal could also see the future. In the saga he saw his own death as well. Shamanistic powers? Not sure if Thrall could see into the future. Need some details on that one.Importance of WeaponryIn most epic Norse sagas there is always someone with a notable weapon. For example, Gunnar in Njal's saga had a legendary halberd. The only direct tie in game that I have found was Thorim and his weapon Krolmir. However, some heroes in the game carry weapons known by most of the player base. I see this as another indirect but implied Norse mythology tie.SOME examples... not all:Tirion with The AshbringerMorgrainne with The Corrupted AshbringerVarian with Shalamayne (Shalla'tor and Ellemayne when split into two)Arthas with Frostmourne or Light's Vengeance(Odyn vs. Helya) vs Odin & Hela/HelOdyn and Helya in game aren't on good terms. However, in Norse mythology Odin and Hela remained neutral. Edit: I've been told this is not the case, I haven't started much of the research between Odin and Hela yet. Hela remained as the keeper of hel and watched over the dead. That's all the information I have on them for now.The end.Edit: Grammar, formatting.

The PTR shows that 7.1.5 will allow you to buy Artifact Knowledge up to 20 as a BoA consumable to send to your alts!

Ran into a very angry lil Illidan today

Westworld reference in new Shadow Priest Legendary Cloak

Broke down and got the WoW cookbook, here's some Zangar Caps and Beer Basted Boar (pork) Ribs!

new 7.1.5 ptr build nov 29

This view tho

Did anyone else used to read the original game manual for fun? This is how I got my wow fix as a kid when I couldn't play (2004)

tried logging in during maintenance, got option to buy battle chest or upgrade to cata

I made your worst nightmare in an addon.

Need advice for my new Coffee Mug.

We forgot to take a screenshot for Myhtic Il'gyonoth, so our RL made one for us

Things Blizzard could do with a Proper Day/Night Cycle in WoW

Make forests like Duskwood and Silverpine really frightening.Have unique visual effects for various classes really pop: moonlight from druidic spells etc.Make critters and monsters active at different hours, so for example at night you might expect to find more fireflies and spiders, by day rabbits and sheep.Have light sources like bonfires, torches, and lit windows be really immersive at night.Bathe zones like The Barrens in moonlight.Have unique-looking herbs, like Silverleaf, glow in the dark.Implement torches and other mobile light sources.Turn cities into living places, as the cock crows in the morning and traders begin pouring in from the countryside with fresh produce, or when the taverns play music at night and certain NPCs visit the bars.Unique nightly events that you might stumble on, such as a secret cult meeting in the middle of nowhere, or a wild worgen roaming the countryside.Make various racial abilities really cool; Night Elves' Shadowmeld could be more potent by night, while Tauren might be emboldened and gain Stamina by the light of day.List goes on. Some of this could be achieved already, but it'd be a lot more effective with a proper day/night cycle with dark nights and really clear sunrises and sunsets.

I was sick of mythic plus information being scattered everywhere so I made a quick reference page

Rogue specs offline and "We can't authenticate you right now" error message

Am I the only one who can't log in right now?EDIT: me not aloneEDIT2: Tough day at work, was looking forward to some demon killing, but I guess the real world will have to do.EDIT3: People are getting in apparentlyEDIT4: Got in, hopefully it is stable enough.

It has been a month and a half since 7.1 was released, and loading screen getting stuck is still an issue

Is this ever going to be fixed? I'm going to make the assumption that it was the introduction of native bnet voice chat that did something to the servers?

Really weird server activity.

I keep getting chain kicked offline and reverted about 1 minute. has happened like 5 times now, anyone else seeing this?Edit: Between here and general wow forums looks like this one is global. Bet someone pressed the wrong button in the down time prep and is currently hating life...Edit #2: Looks like it's cleared up a little bit, was able to finish a quest but now am getting kicked again.

Patch 7.2: How to Unlock Flying in Legion

Shitty guild jokes.

The Maw of Souls post got me nostalgic...

Can we take a minute and thank /u/Araxom for being there for the reddit community?

It's amazing, if you check this guy history he is almost 24/7 solving problems and helping us....Here's to you /u/Araxomalso im kind of drunk, but this guy deserves this

This demon used her own imps to commit suicide.

Every Mans Fantasy - Shower me in Apexis

How my shaman feel about getting HoV +7 for the 4th week in a row.

Will you miss your artifact after Legion?

Given how much time we're spending building up the power of our artifacts, how integral they are now to our character's flavour and identity, when Blizzard has said that the artifact weapons will not follow us out of Legion how does that sit with you?Blizzard has said that the appearances we have unlocked during Legion will be available for xmogging future items but that's not quite the same as actually being the bearer of the Ashbringer, not the same as being the master of the Blades of the Fallen Prince or the wielder of the true power of the Doomhammer.Do you feel as if Legion has done its job of integrating our artifacts to our character's ideal so well that losing them would detract from our class identity? Are you happy enough with them having this defined time to shine? Are you looking forward to getting new weapons in the future?Thanks for your attention!

Nailed this Rexxar as a goblin Cosplay

This is how I deal with leavers in Mythic+

I would love to see something like this in-game (zone scaling)

Odyn said he would carve my name in the Halls of Valor

But I can't find where he did it, does anyone else know where I can find my name?


Blizz PLEASE bring back the armory in working state.

So as a returning player i noticed the armory website is pretty much crap.I dunno how it went from what it was to this but this is absolute trash.Is there a production path for this? or is this a dead in the water aspect. The "Go to new wow home" takes me to their stupid front page on the new site that is just cluttered and absolutely an abortion to look at. It is NOT an attractive website to look at - I get lost just looking at it.Theres no guild chat functionality, no interaction with the guild roster to show who's actually online. The old 3D modelling is gone. And unless youre actually looking for it - its not even listed on the home page anymore.For the love of everything Kirin Tor please bring it back.

Took a while, but i finally got all the WoW CEs!

During the arcane mage artifact questline...

Lent gold to a guildmate for a few hours, got email about "buying gold", wtf.

So the story: I gave 125k to a guildmate so he could buy an item off the AH, he resold it a few hours later and gave the 125k back to me.I got an email containing:In light of some recent activity on your World of Warcraft account, we'd like to make sure you're aware of the negative impact that buying gold from third-party companies has on the World of Warcraft community, as well as the potential consequences for players who are found to be using such services.So I opened a ticket asking what was up with that, here's the response I got:An additional review of the action has been completed. We have confirmed our initial findings, and the action will not be reversed or changed.We understand that you may still have concerns regarding the action, but we must reiterate that it was taken to address a violation of the Terms of Use and End User License Agreement (, which all players accept before logging into the game.We understand that these policies may seem harsh, but they are in place to ensure that every player is able to enjoy their time in our games. Thank you for respecting our position.Ticket is now closed I can't reply to it.So that means that helping others is now a thing I should avoid? Fine, look at me denying helping low ilvl people, not trading gold to friends who need it, etc.My account does not seem banned, but this is as close as it can get. I took the time to open a ticket to ask what was wrong and I got a canned response. Classic.Is there anything else I can do to get them to understand I did not buy or sell gold? They are able to see I gave 125k and got it back a few hours later.

... but ... but I just wanted to help

I look forward to waking up again just so I can continue playing WoW....

I haven;t had this feeling since WOTLK. Something about Legion appeals to me so fucking much it always feels like there's something to do and that even the things that reward you with 'lesser' rewards have started appealing to me.I guess I feel like a kid again and I am having so much fun. Some people don't like the idea of always having something to do because it feels like they can never complete the game, but it makes me excited to play whenvever I can though damnquick edit: based on some of the responses I should say that it wasn;t like i was depressed and now wow is dragging me out of bed, I just mean this shit so fun i wanna jump on that game asap and have a blast

Please give me this as a mount, with two horses strapped on!

Log on and get your free Kirin Tor emissary cache - blizz has set it to 1/1 instead of 4/4 and autocompleted it for everyone.

You don't need to have done ANY quests. It's just completed.EDIT: If you're not seeing it as complete, log entirely out of Wow, wait a few minutes, and relog. People have reported that doing so properly updates it.

The best feeling when doing daily random heroic.