Another hidden baby murloc pet has been found!

New Armor Accessory Models in Legion!

Fix SW Harbor!

[Legion Spoiler] It feels so good to pick up loose ends from vanilla.

~10 years later..

When you're committed to getting the Raven Lord mount

i was bored and had an hour or two... then this happened

One of my favorite places in WoW

[Legion Spoiler] The fourth Horseman.

The Outcasts "Moose-A-Wish" Runs for Charity

3/30 Alpha Build Design Notes

This should have been used instead of the "Orc Aggro Inc." poster.

[Legion] A holy dreadlord? Wonder what the story with this guy is.

I removed the people from the Traveller art of Teldrassil

"A Zombie's Guide to Proper Nutrition"

Happy Easter from Ji-kun

Yesterday was my birthday and this is what my gf got for me!

Some of the latest Warcraft Movie marketing images

Back then, Gamemasters interacted with players a lot! Don't see many in-game these days.

Legendary ring questline being removed with Legion

I always liked the Shaman Chain Lightning animation, and Blizz really upped the lightning theme in Legion!

Finally done with Argent Tournament dailies. Took some screenshots on my last lap.

Evolution of Scholomance from Vanilla through to MoP

Xavius Shoulders Had Me Like

The day when Hogger died

I turned all the WoW specializations as Magic Cards.

Wiping on a boss because you play in an Australian guild and they have to fight bosses IRL too

How to get an entire BG to simultaneously facepalm

This statue is feeling very festive.

Found my screenshot of 1 minute before the WoW beta ended when they released Massive Infernals in all the towns.

I have a longer walk... or swim.

With the Warcraft Movie's recent marketing, this is how I'm imagining the movie will look like

Why New Players Don't Care About the Lore

I started my Blood Elf alt today, and the opening narration has been updated to be post-TBC. It mainly talks about the Sunwell being purified now because of M'uru, and Kael being dead.The entire rest of the zone is set during the beginning of TBC where Kael is alive and the playable Blood Elves don't know he's crazy yet. The very first NPC talks about getting ready to go to Outland to meet up with him. Two seconds into the game, in the starting area for what is probably the most popular race, new players are already confused.That experience with the lore will only get worse and worse. While they're in Eversong and Ghostlands they'll be in TBC era. When they leave for Hillsbrad or wherever they end up, they'll suddenly be in Cataclysm and everything will be about Deathwing and this giant natural disaster that somehow nobody has mentioned to them until now. They will probably be introduced to Garrosh as the warchief through Cataclysm quests, but if they go to Orgrimmar they'll see Vol'jin and be confused again. Then they'll get to Outland and if they somehow haven't given up on knowing what's going on and actually want to do the quests, they'll see a billion references to THRALL being the warchief, and everything's about how Kael's not dead again. If you account for Legion in the mix there might even be ANOTHER warchief according to rumors.All of these things are fine if the new player has some friend telling them what time period they're in but the game makes no effort whatsoever to tell the player when they're being yanked around in the timeline.I agree that it's more important right now to fix the endgame to stop the bleeding as far as subs go, but the new player experience needs to be overhauled like REALLY soon.

Warcraft: The Beginning - International Trailer

Mag'har orcs and other character customizations!

With Grommash now at "peace" with the rest of Draenor, we should be able to "recruit" the brown orcs of alternate Draenor to the Horde. This meaning we can make our Orcs brown-skinned.The Dwarves have made peace with the Iron Dwarves and the council contains both Iron Dwarves, Bronzebeard Dwarves AND Wildhammer Dwarves, so Dwarves should be able to have tattoos or dark skin as a customization. There are more like these, but these were just the ones I could think of. Really think this should be implemented in the game.

OP Egg Farming - Reach 6 Spawnpoints by Standing in One Spot!

I miss old Orgrimmar :(

WoW: Traveler - Wallpaper (1920x1080)

Wow, the marketing/promotion for the film is awful. What's going on?

The most unlikely of friends...

World of Warcraft: Traveler Announced (New book series for kids ages 8-12)

Article on Vanilla WoW from this month's Edge magazine

Fuck this egg.

What is the most awesome thing you've ever done in WoW?

Today I was getting nostalgic about some of the good times I've had in games, and realized a lot of these moments were in WoW. So I was curious about what other cool stuff people have done that was super memorable.I'll start with the most awesome thing I've done in WoW:Back when WoTLK launched, I switched my main to an Undead Death Knight. I got up to the Zangarmarsh quests and was doing my thing, running across the water above Coilfang Reservoir when out of the sky comes some rogue on his mount at me. I dismount, turn off path of frost and dive under the water, trying to hide from this guy but he found me and I kept swimming further and further under as he chased me, until we go pretty deep down. I think about 2 minutes passed by this point, because the rogue started trying to swim back the surface but I kept death gripping and icy chained him so he couldn't move very fast, holding him underwater. I don't think he even got halfway back up to the surface when he died.This is the first and only time I ever drowned someone in a game.

Blizz Support (3/28): WoW/BLZ Errors & Potential Workarounds

Iron Horde's Death Star (Graphics bug)

The best april fools joke blizzard could play; Announce release date

You see, april first they just have to announce Legion release date. Nothing else. Make it look like the usual release date announcements and everything.Everyone will think it's a shitty april fools joke.Never take it back, never say anything about it being a joke or not, just actually release that day.

Wallpapers inspired by last week's posts. For Azeroth!