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That is a lot of dead Dranei...

Hey Druids who use Broll Bearmantle as a bodyguard

MAYBE IF WE SPEAK UP, BLIZZARD WILL FIX IT SO BROLL ACTUALLY SHAPESHIFTS, SINCE IT HAS BEEN BUGGED SINCE BETAedit: less karma whore-y, also Rhegar for shamans needs to be fixed as well!

Last month I redesigned what the Armory webpages could look like. Now I have an HTML prototype to share.

I swear, I look away for one day...

I knew there was a reason for my low dps

Night Elf Priest by Sammy Hancock

Wowhead, is this archaeology quest grindy at all?

The best part about DH starting area.

Nightborne Mage by PersonalAmi

WoW /r/unexpected

My sister painted me my favorite raid- The Firelands!

I made a WoW comic. I call it "Bodyguard Problems"

Can I take your daughter's hand - Karazhan style

Levelling up my first dedicated healer - and found a pretty fitting name.

WoD in tarnation

If blizzard wanted to improve crafting in 7.2; add decent ilvl crafted relics with random traits (chance to TF)

In the recent WoW Q & A Ion talked about how crafted legendaries were a way to give armor crafters something worth crafting in the mid-expac period. Rather than legendaries, I think decent ilvl relics (NH ilvl) should be craftable with a chance to war/titanforge.It would be a good boost for new alts and a good way to supplement bad RNG loot drops with good traits.FYI Please put in bad luck protection for rank 3 flask recipes, going on 1900+ Str flasks now. The agi flask recipe took 1800+ to proc.

Had no trouble finding a Blingtron today.

wot incarnation

Necrotic is now resetting after leaving combat

It just got hotfixed on US. changed between dungeons.EDIT: blue tweet confirming it:

Keep in mind today is the last day to do the archaeology quest awarded in Dalaran for the Spirit Moose mount, wont be up again for 3 months

I apologize, it looks like 7 and a half months until it is up again.

Sometimes you meet that player who makes your day

When Gul'dan has had enough of your shit

Must be some high headwinds today

This guy's name is great.

When the meters make a perfect rainbow.

How I feel as a Warlock wanting to teleport

Anon has a WoW dream.

Today I assaulted Hrydshal in style.

What in conflagration?

There should be an "Unlock Flight Paths" heirloom available for alts if you have every flight path unlocked.

Not that it's a huge inconvenience, but I'd really like to at least have access to all of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor flightpaths unlocked on a fresh character from the get-go. Boosted characters come with them all already unlocked, so I don't see why this isn't an option.Thoughts?

I asked my friend for a carry, but this is getting ridiculous.

Skittish (and threat) myths explained

Each time skittish comes to affix rotation many people repeat the same chants how it is horrible and random. (While former is true, the latter is not).Basics of threat. 1 healing point=0.5 threat. 1 point of damage=1 threat.Skittish is simply 80% reduction to tank player's threat generation. At base a tank does 900% increased threat. That equals to 10 times (10x) threat generated.That means 1 damage from tank=10 threat.Threat modifier from skittish is -80%, 0.2*10=2. So with skittish you only do 2x threat.Basically a DPS can do up to 2x damage what tank does to a target without pulling aggro.In reality it is slightly higher because tank self healing generates threat and because of pull aggro (more on that later).What happens in practice though isn't pure DPS. DPS players do huge bursts in short periods where tank's threat is easily left behind and a DPS pulls aggro.This often happens on pulls and there isn't really anything mysterious about that. People often overcome this issue with CC and/or waiting for tank to generate threat before going all out.On bosses the threat is rarely an issue because taunt gives 200% increased (3x) threat for 3s. By using your high damage abilities on those windows every 8s you can keep aggro well above the "2x" breakpoint. This also why monks are very strong with skittish. They can taunt the statue to do 8y AoE taunt around it. Use Keg Smash and breath of fire during that and you gain enormous amounts of threat.Now to the myths. Often I hear that skittish randomly resets threat or takes chunks of it away. This isn't true and is easily seen on threat meters and by understanding how threat works.This myth is caused by "Pull aggro" mechanic. For a mob to switch target, the second player must be at 110% threat of the current target. So if the tank has 100 threat on a target, DPS going 105 threat will still keep the mob on tank.But if DPS goes above 110 threat, the mob switches to the DPS and DPS is the current target. Now the tank has to get to 110*1.1 threat to gain aggro back. That is 121 threat.This threat requirement jump is why people think aggro "resets" or "vanishes". Normally you don't see that jump because with 10x threat is is easy to snap that aggro back on you. But now that 21% jump is HUGE. And bigger the threat pool the larger it is.So even if the DPS stops damaging the mob instantly, the tank might still not be able to get aggro back fast without taunt if threat pool is high enough.The pull aggro mechanic is a double edged sword. It gives buffer for tank to keep aggro, but can also make it harder to get back.I hope this clears some questions about skittish and threat and how they exactly work.

You win, I hate PUGs now too.

So I have never made a post on here, and I don't know if a single person will read this, but I just had one of the most annoying experience Puging a mythic EoA. I am a 880 Fury warrior and I assumed this wouldn't be a problem and I have had a quest in there for weeks.So after a demon hunter left since he didn't know how to use the summoning stone, the healer left since he was instance locked, we were actually able to do the dungeon. Fine on first boss, fine on second. Get to Serpentrix, no one goes on adds, we wipe. Healer tells everyone to go on the other heads the next time around. Everyone agrees. So of course I end up soloing the heads one at a time, then do damage to the boss, he submerges. I solo the two other heads once again. Go on the boss that is 5% as everyone is dying and leaving as they die. I finish off the boss, and I am literally alone in this instance. I have seen one person rage quit after wiping, but 4 people when we don't even wipe? I don't know how to cope with this idiocy.

My LFR group couldn't handle Star Augur but I was able to get some good screenshots of my bear.

I promised my little brother I would play with chalk with him today, so I took the time to draw Illidan!

When you gank someone from your own faction!

I had a really great experience with a raid today and felt like sharing

Today, I had a bit of extra time, so I popped in the group finder to see if anybody needed a tank. 90% of the time, there are no spots available for me (Item Level is only 860), but I was relieved to see a full group running Heroic Emerald Nightmare just needed one tank to get started. I requested to join and was thrilled to be accepted.Once we started running, they told me to just follow the other tank's lead, as they were all a part of a guild and I was the only pug. They knew what they were doing and mowed down the first few bosses really quickly. However, once we got to the dragons, I started really struggling with the rotations, and we wiped a few times. Given that I suck at raids and am always met with sheer anger when I fuck up a mechanic, I was about to leave the party and bail. However, instead of even getting remotely mad, they sent me a link to their discord. I popped in, and they clearly explained the fight. We cleared it immediately after that with no hiccups.For the rest of the raid, everybody was incredibly supportive and helped me learn every mechanic I was unfamiliar with. At the end, I got several whispers thanking me for running it with them and telling me that, for not knowing a lot of the fights, I did a great job.As somebody who's played wow somewhat on and off since 2007, this was by far the most positive experience I've had in a group ever. I was absolutely blown away by how friendly everybody was, and it spoke as a testament to how much more down to earth and mature the WoW community is compared to other MMOs.I think the guild's name was Timewarp and Chill or something like that. Thanks so much, guys.Tl;dr, fucked up raid brutally, guild invites me to discord and patiently walks me through every fight

My guild never takes 'Kill Photos', so our very talented feral druid fixed it after we killed Heroic Botanist.

"What are you?" Uhhh...

There should be a different thought process when designing anything that is NOT for competitive play.

People have already pointed out the strange cooldown-itis that non-combat Toys already have now. But in addition to that, I'm including things like Cooking and Reputation.For example, it's nice to be able to send the +250 rep tokens to alts after completing WQ Emissary Quests, but why nothing for Class Hall mission rewards? At the point when players are maxed out on their mains, what could possibly be the harm at improving alts faster?For another example, that irks and baffles me is when Nomi finally drops a pattern...and then 2 duplicates of that same pattern. But they are all Soulbound. WHY? What game-breaking mechanic is going to be exploited when people get all the recipes faster?The point is that these and other rewards in game are designed as if they NEEDED to be gated. But they really don't. I will not stop playing any of my characters if I get all my cooking recipes (or max all my alts' reputations) before Tomb of Sargeras is released. I might actually start playing ANOTHER alt.Honestly, this expansion feels better than a lot of other expansions, but it's also very painful in many unnecessary ways. This may well be the source of all the Nightmare corruption.mic drop

[SPOILERS] Welp, looks like I'm leveling a Demon Hunter in 7.2

Why havn't they implemented something to force people into a spec with LFR

I was doing spellblade lfr on my shammy today where i queued as heals. Got in, noticed i was the only one out of the five healers to be in their healing spec.Got to Spellblade, and to my surprise, no one switched and we pulled the boss. Mind you this would be fine (i guess) if i was on my 892 druid, but my shammy is only 860, so i was solo healing with around 350k hps. Many people died, and i got flamed, even though it was completely not my fault.I say that i'm the only healer and people say there isn't that much of a healing requirement, and we continue to wipe throughout the whole lfr.Why hasn't blizzard implemented something where the people who queue for a spec have to play that spec, its unfair on other dps who have to wait and the healer who is stuck healing 25+ people by their self. This would make lfr actually a somewhat fun experience, compared to what it is like now.

This just happened. I heard of 1% wipes but this...


This hunter has life figured out

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You face Giraffexus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion!

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