WARRIORS Arms Hidden skin is up today on NA realms/ 2/24/17

By XanderGryphon (9,635 – 4·14·121) on 2016/10/30 (Patch 7.1.0)Every day, there is a chance that speaking to Master Smith Helgar will offer a dialogue option, "Is there an axe the equal to Strom'kar?", which will end with being offered the quest Secrets of the Axes. When this quest is active, it is active region-wide, and everyone will have access to it for that day.This sends you to speak to High Overlord Saurfang at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran. When done, jump back up to Skyhold and speak again to Master Smith Helgar, who will send you to the Circle of Wills to duel Saurfang.Once you've defeated Saurfang, go back to Helgar, and after some RP, you'll be able to turn in the quest and receive The Arcanite Bladebreaker.There are no Artifact Knowledge or reputation requirements to obtain this hidden appearance, and it can be obtained as early as level 100 (presumably, 98 is the minimum level required, my warrior was 100 with no rep or Artifact Knowledge).Edit: Updated info about quest being a daily region-wide chance Last edited by XanderGryphon on 2016/11/01 (Patch 7.1.0)Guide copied from wowhead comment.