WoW-related websites you need to change your passwords on ASAP (Cloudflare Security Bug)

Incident ReportRedditWebsites AffectedAdditionally (thanks Krazyito from WeakAuras Discord) you can use HaveIBeenPwned to see if your email was compromised.I'll edit this as I find more websites. I'll start off with some major ones. Most likely people share their WoW password with these websites, which is why this is important. (These are possible and not guaranteed sites. They were in the list of sites that I checked, but could simply be using the DNS without the proxy service.)Curse (AddOns)Curseforge (tied to Curse)WoWInterface (Other AddOn Website)Discord - Confirmed (custom Discord URLs)Wowpedia (WoW Lore and Stuff, also tied to Curse) (WeakAuras Website confirmed)MMO-Champion (Lots of forum-posting particularly)BlizzardWatch (Blizzard News)Noxxic (WoW guides or something)OpenRaid (Raid Recruitment)WowAce (Ace Library for AddOns)Other notables:Reddit - New information from reddit admin claiming Reddit is NOT affectedPatreonNexusMods - New information claiming Nexusmods is NOT affectedGyazoGithub Pages (and by extent github)1password**(I don't personally use this, saw it mentioned in the comments. Some are saying 1password is fine, though, and doesn't need the master password updated. It's still a good idea every once in awhile anyway.)atm I don't see any other websites that were affected, but if you want you can comment one for me to check or check yourself with the file included in the third link (websites affected)**Thanks for also pointing out my incorrect usage of affect / effect. :D