My New Transmog - Ass Crack

Always carrying the healer ...

That's a really big Dark Portal in Dalaran

The CoS effect.

Arthas and Jaina Cosplay by Aoki and Narga

Finally finished my Medivh cosplay (crossplay)!

This giant trend is really getting out of hand.

I just completed gnomeregan when i ported out and saw this.

There is a place in the Druid class hall that shows your unlocked weapon skin. This is how it shows the bear weapon

As a Starter Edition player, today I achieved something I am very proud of

I visited every single Candy Bucket in Eastern Kingdoms!So, I have been playing handicapped for a while. After getting level 20 I didn't stop playing, but completed every single quest this game could offer me. Also played through all sub-20 dungeons and tried PvP battlegrounds. Raised Orgrimmar reputation to Exalted. Completed dailies for achievements. Bought everything seemingly useful I could find in reach of my limited 10 gold possessions. Still didn't grow tired of the game. Still kept coming back if only for dailies.Hallow's End gave me plenty of things to do, but I tuned in kinda late. I felt compelled to get Grommash' costume (he is my favourite Warcraft character) and so I begun doing dailies and visiting Candy Buckets everywhere I could. Afraid that dailies just won't cut it, I was still about 50 treats short, I started my journey around the continent, reaching to the most dangerous places of Azeroth. I died a lot, especially in Badlands (screw this place!), kept running for my corpse and eventually reached the safety pods. The last bucket was in Bogglepad, Swamp of Sorrows. Treats from here were just enough to get me to 200. I immideately sprinted to Undercity to buy and object of my desires. I was so pumped when I used this item.It's probably nothing for the most of you, but I still felt like sharing it with someone.

A little late on this bandwagon but: Brew Master FlowChart

I saw this and shed tears :(

Secret in Violet Hold [Read Comment]

7.1 PvE Demonology Guide - I spent a lot of time researching, theorycrafting, and consulting with the top demonology warlocks in the world to make this video. Took me a long time, so I hope you like it!

Superman Sighted

When you get the cute Owlkitty form. :c

My friend Ivan made guide to help comrades get good at blood dk

Class Balance - Dark Legacy #558

No pugs allowed in this pug?

Browsing my weekly Blue Apron recipes when a familiar face popped up. He's trying to practice!

Mobile Armory App needs an overhaul, and now is the perfect time. I don't care about MoP Challenge Modes or WoD Bonus Events. Gimme patch notes, artifact trees, non-clunky AH, mobile dungeon journal, etc. Last update was 7/28/14

That's one HUGE goat.

Two types of people.

Short guide - Return to Kharazan bosses

I've been in this dungeon twice so far so i feel 100% competent and sure that this is the ONLY and BEST way to kill the bosses. /s First Boss - Opera house - Westfall story - MURLOCSThis is one of the easier bosses, simply dodge everything you see and kill everything you see.First Boss - Opera house - Wikkit Event Thanks to Zwatha2 Bosses that share health, AOE classes rejoice.Boss will leave purple swirlies on the ground, do not touch.Tank needs to pull boss around room away from swirlies.Monkeys hurt, kill monkeys.When boss starts super charge up spell, touch the purple swirlies to be launched into the air to avoid it.In this fight one of the primary mechanics is blaming your tank for everything that goes wrong.First Boss - Opera house - ???? EVENTHaven't done this so need someone to fill it in for me Second Boss - Maiden of virtue - big golden ladySpread / Stay 6 yards away from each other.Interrupt (You will need more than 1 person) ( Holy Shock ).Whoever gets a golden swirly ( Sacred Ground ) under him needs to drop it at the edge of the room. (It will grow quite a bit)When the boss starts casting ( Mass Repentance ) move into the golden pool and get out immediately. (You only need to get 1 stack of the debuff)After you are stunned and awoken, use cooldowns/burst damage to remove the shield on the boss and INTERRUPT her.Depending on your damage this should happen roughly 2-3 times. (Maybe once if you are really well geared). Third Boss - Moroes - The council fightUsing the traps obtained after clearing trash assign 3 people to trap 3 off the mini-bosses (Not Moroes)There are 2 traps in the room before the boss, 2 in the room with the boss, and 2 in the room after the boss.When the fight starts pull Moroes and one boss off your choice (Preferably the lady at the far left) and kill the mini-bosses off.Do not get Moroes to 60% before at least 2 of the mini-bosses are deadInterrupt the female mini-boss (CASTER) and dodge everything else the other bosses do. It was brought to my attention there is more than 1 female, treat both of them with care. INTERRUPTPull the bosses 1 by 1 and then kill Moroes at the end.When you are only fighting moroes, feel free to stack to aid the healer. Fourth Boss - Attuman - HorseTwo phases, Use cooldowns on the GUY and not the HORSE (Attuman is the guy / Midnight is the horse)( Intangible Presence ) Is placed on everyone, the healer has to dispel the correct ONE to remove them. ( The person to dispel will look like this LINK Thank WoWhead for the picture )When Boss spawns for the first time, Dodge Midnight charges (Midnight will charge through the boss position)Stack on the tank when ( Shared Suffering ) is being cast, then spread again.When Midnight phase returns, Dodge all the blue horses (You don't have to keep the boss in the middle of the circle)Rinse and repeat, when the boss dies Midnight becomes angry, still relatively easy just kill. Fifth Boss - Curator - (Big Mechanical Robot) - Purge Purge PurgeStack on the tank at one edge of the room.Kill add that spawns Immediately.Move out of the blue swirlies ( Power Discharge ).Stack again, Rinse and Repeat.When the boss has zero mana he will channel ( Evocation ) , Use bloodlust / potions/ cooldowns. Sixth Boss - Nightbane - ?????Yeah, he exists, Find out how to summon him yourself!!!Or you know, Click HERE. (WoWhead)TL;DR and Guide Seventh Boss - Shade of MedivhWill spam 3 abilities randomely throughout the fight.( Piercing Missiles ) Will damage and place a debuff on the tank. HIGH PRIORITY INTERRUPT( Inferno Bolt ) Mark a player with a circle that deals moderate damage to anyone within. I WOULDN'T INTERRUPT THIS( Frostbite ) Place a player in an ICE block, Remove this by damage the player with ( INFERNO BOLT ). MEDIUM to HIGH PRIORITY INTERRUPTSpread far enough that you don't get hit with each others fire, but close enough to remove ( Frostbite ) as needed.At full mana Medivh will cast one of three Abilities:( Ceaseless Winter ) Will place a stacking debuff, so Jump/Move to remove.( Flame Wreath ) Will place 2 rings on 2 random players, NO ONE SHOULD MOVE IN OUR OUT OF THESE RINGS.( Guardian's Image ) Medivh will dissapear and spawn 3 mirrors around the room, I recommend to kill them one by one.The boss will not stop casting the initial three abilities during ( Ceaseless Winter ) and ( Flame Wreath ) so adjust accordingly. Eighth Boss - Mana DevourerThe purpose of the fight is to kill the boss and not allow him to reach 100% mana( Arcane Bomb ) Move out/away from these. IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD( Coalesce Power ) Purple orbs will spawn, if they reach the boss he will gain mana. Players that soak these will gain a stacking debuff. IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEADPlayers need to stand in the path of these orbs to stop the boss reaching 100% mana. It is recomended to only stack 2-3 if you can't clear/immune these stacks. ( The stacks hurt A LOT, use a defensive, healthpotions... and reset quickly)Standing in ( Energy Void ) will clear these stacks. ( 1 tick removes 1 stack )( Energy Void ) Standing in this will damage you and make the void smaller. (Used to remove stacks of ( Unstable Mana ) IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD The END - iz'aduum the Watcher - Alien EyeDon't StackThe boss will cast ( Disintegrate ) , which is a big green lazer. He will turn to the player before it is cast so you have time to move. (MOVE OUT OF THIS).The boss will cast ( Chaotic Shadows ) , Which is a debuff (1 - 3 depending on which phase) when dispelled will release big balls in every direction. (Move out of these) IMAGE - Courtesy of WOWHEAD( Burning Blast ) - Places a debuff on the tank, INTERRUPT THIS (Make a rotation, if you don't have enough interrupts, interrupt 2 casts in a row every time the tank has 2 stacks so they fall off.)Move out of swirlesFollow the boss through the portals ( At 66% and 33% )There is lightning on the sides, don't walk over them... but if the boss is firing his lazers down the middle... it's better to use a cooldown/run down the side. (Electricity doesn't 1 shot)Rince / Repeat phase 1Follow the boss through portal #2Kill the adds and interrupt the boss before he finishes his cast (I found the adds extremely easy, but my group was 865 Average ilvl)3 Players will have the debuff that release orbs, Use a cooldown and be carefull not to eat the orbs up.WORK IN PROGRESS

Arcanite Bladebreaker FOUND

What a friendly welcome.

In terms of most fucked up things I've seen in WoW, this is pretty high on the list...

Does anyone need this rin- Oh...

TIL Blizz scrapped a concept for Garrosh to unite kobolds, gnolls, and other displaced races into the 'Mongrel Horde.'

Flying to get your corpse in Suramar city is now extremely usefull, thank you Blizz

I just discovered it today, don't know if it's been like this since 7.1

Fast thinking with Transendence

7.1 in a nutshell

It was in this moment, he knew, he f***ed up.

I'm finally full Defias now

How to unlock the Talon's Vengeance faction

I'm probably not the first, but here's the quick and dirty on what you do to unlock it.First, you get a falcosaur hatchling.Second, you follow the hatchling's quest line all the way through. At the end of the quest line you obtain a mountThird, show Aviana in Highmountain your new mount. You'll get a new dialog option that leads to the Ivory Talon item, 500 rep, with the faction, and an unlocked vendorDialog text

I swam around the continent..

So that's how it works

Today, Saturday, my guild killed Mythic Nythendra and got 850 ilevel loot.

People got achievements for Mythic, the dungeon was definitely set on Mythic, and yet the gear was all ilevel 850. We've sent in a ticket just letting people know and also complaining about it.FAQ: Yes we have more than 20 people in our raid group, the 21st 22nd etc are outside the raid on the bench waiting to come in for the boss they need loot from.The title says Nythendra because I created this thread right after her but we kept going so I didn't get a screenshot.We reloaded to see if it was just a visual bug.Not a single peice of gear is warforging or titanforging, no gem sockets or tertiary stats.Screenshot with acheivements BranstonPicklez (our raid leader): "Also welcome to go to and look at past broadcasts. 10/29, about 2 hours in would be the mythic bosses."In the following screenshots look at the dbm chat saying it's Mythic.EDIT: Loot that just fell from trash was 850 also.edit: another screenshot from Elerethe

Legion Gearing Flowchart

Image of helya found in highmountain

My locked/unlocked phone background


Hearthing Back

Karazhan is a perfect example of how to make content challenging without pushing everyone's mistakes onto healer.

Karazhan was one of the most enjoyable experiences i've had as a healer in legion. Bosses had enough of steady damage to keep me on my toes without being too stressful, and i still felt impactful since i could remedy someone's minor mistake or two. At the same time, if someone was failing hard they were going to get instantly killed or getting entire group killed instead of forcing me to struggle helplessly against overwhelming damage that was going to wipe us anyway, like in mythics+. For the first time in a long run, healing in 5man felt like fighting my own battle against boss mechanics while still being able to help others to some extent, instead of being a scapegoat paying for every single mistake made by your group and basically doing nothing when ppl were not making any mistakes.

Marker for groups that declined you

Hey Reddit!I thought about a kind of QoL feature for the Dungeon & Raidfinder interface.Since I am a melee I get declined a lot when looking for groups because who needs a melee dps these days huh?Sometimes I apply for the same groups 2 or 3 times without even realizing it because I don't memorize all of them. So I thought it would be cool to have a marker for a group you already applied to and got declined. Like an orange font or something.What do you guys think about that?

God how I've missed this game.

Homemade Pit Lord Helm

Flight Master's Whistle change has been reverted!

Just used the whistle. It is no longer a cutscene.Hooray!

Why does the Dalaran hearthstone no longer have a cooldown?

Each time I get out of the loading screen it's always off cooldown..

Lesser-Known 7.1 addition

So I recently found out that in 7.1 you can now link your artifact traits in chat, it even shows the ability at the current rank you have it. Figured y'all would like to know.