[Spoilers] Karazhan's last boss has something the game has been missing.

If you haven't got there yet, I warn you that it has more impact if you do it yourself. Go get some people together and grind it out. It's worth it.What he has is boss music, something that we haven't seen in a long time. We had a theme to the expansion, something to drive us forward like invincible, but that wasn't unique to the Lich King encounter.My group was 5 hours into the dungeon at this point, half of us didn't get gear from the first 4 bosses thanks to the lockout bug, and we were tired. Everyone I was in discord with got excited when this started playing. I perked up, I wanted to kill this guy. Not just for loot, but because the game had done a good job hyping the shit out of him.Return to Karazhan is the single best piece of content blizzard has put out in a long time. Every fight in there is good, if not amazing. Attumen, Viz'aduum, Moroes, and the new Opera fights are standouts. The whole instance looks beautiful, the trash is interesting, and I'm actually excited to go clear it again next week. I'm looking forward to going and trying to get Nightbane unlocked.Please do more like this, blizzard. This was a treat to play through, and the end fight made it all the more rewarding.