How to get the defias set in 7.1

Requirement:Must be an Outlaw RogueAble to solo Deadmine (normal) How to:In Ironclad Cove in the Deadmines you will see a ghostly parrot to the left along the water. If you approach the bird (must be outlaw spec) and take out the pet Green wing macaw you will be prompted to use your grappling hook. This will take you to a npc who gives the quest "Sea'in Red" This quest has you collect 100 masks, these mask have a 100% drop from any hostile mob in Deadmines. Its recommended to not kill any adds on the way to the npc so that once you have the quest there are enough to kill so it can be done in one run. Once the quest is completed you are rewarded the set. This can be done on normal diffculty. Once unlocked any leather wearing class can transmog it. Thanks/credit goes to u/LunaeLux for bringing the ghost parrot to public awareness