Leveling in Legion is terrible.

I have put 10+ hours into the new expansion so far and I just can't level. I will never be able to get to end game content this way. All the great and engaging content and different things avaliable during the leveling experience has caused me slack on the relentless grind towards 110. I often find myself doing ridiculous things like reading quests and watching cut scenes. I can't believe Blizzard actually released an expansion like this.

I should have listened


In my life, I have never seen a more profound expression of fear.


Blizzard, I'm using this one weapon the entire expansion. Would it have killed you to make sure it doesn't clip through the ground when I'm not even moving?


Voice Acting Makes Legion Feel Alive

Hearing each enemy challenge you, with each enemy having several different voice lines really helps make each type of creature unique. I can still hear the shrill voices of the harpies in my head as I type this now. I can't remember if other expansions had all the enemies fully voice acted, but if they did it's never stood out as much as it does now. I honestly believe the amount of voice work that was put into this expansion is one of the reasons it feels so fun (so far).So, a big shout out to the Blizzard sound direction and all the voice actors - It sounds great.

With the new Dalaran Hearthstone I am starting to feel a bit like...


Anyone else seen vanilla loading screens on the way to stormheim?


I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that we now have widescreen loading pages. Thanks, Legion.


How it feels to play outlaw rogue


Day 2: Can confirm; work is still dumb.

No text needed.

The Holy Warrior Transmog Set, Is Now Truly Perfected


How to trigger ppl in legion


Warcraft 2: Duncan Jones Up for a Sequel Despite Disappointing Box Office


Been waiting over 10 years for these to have a purpose. Druids are now OP.


The Paladin Order Hall right now.


Working at a game store during Legion release, I thought it only fitting to go to work looking like a pretty shit wizard.


Missed launch because of work... came home to this.


3 more hours...


I can only imagine these peoples' reasoning


When the servers are prepared for the new expansion just right.


People need to work on their priorities


Only Azsuna kids will get this


So... I found Candy Mountain...


Work today


WoW Devs on Legion Launch


Don't ever walk through me or my son ever again


When you say "Homemade"..what do you mean exactly?


Slowest day of my life.


The warnings were true! I stayed up all night to play WoW and had to go to the hospital this morning.

Not kidding, I stayed up all night playing WoW and admittedly not eating healthily and then I needed to go to the hospital. Though, I should mention that I am a doctor.Be Warned!

Work is dumb

That is all.Edit: Obligatory thanks for the gold edit?

Anyone else browsing this subreddit because they're at work/school right now and cant play Legion?

I'm pretty sure I'm describing 90% of this subreddit right now.

How it feels to browse this sub from work on Launch Day


I think we can all congrats Blizzard for this new achievement


Here is what you guys need to do before exploring the broken isles


MFW i realize the portal goes to old dalaran


To all the people who did free moose runs randomly or organized.

I'm glad there's good people like you in the world.Edit: 500+ upboats. Dicks out for mount runs.To people asking about this, heroic archimonde drops a quest item to get the Grove Warden Mount. Runs averaged 20-50k, there have been groups of people (most prominently friendshipmoose) doing free runs. I did 2 runs in my server through group finder :) nowhere near the hundreds others have done.

How NOT to get an artifact weapon!


Latest quest with Bronzebeard had me imagining...


Everybody on the U.S.east coast tonight!


An e-mail from my supervisor.


Just realized my son has his first soccer practice on Tuesday night.

Anyone looking to adopt a kid immediately?

Shadow priest hidden artifact look looks familiar somehow


World of Warcraft: Legion — The Fate of Azeroth


One last goodbye to spooky undead axe midget before Legion


I post this around every xpac release. Usually good for some nostalgia. Miss jumping from spike to spike.


Every launch, we have to see all these dumb advice topics. So here's something different.

Legion launches tonight. Do you know how often a WoW expansion launches? About once every two years.So for one day that won't happen again for a long time, I suggest a few things.Got class? Skip it. You can make it up later.Got work? Take the day off. The servers might act up, but I bet you'll get to play some.Make all the fucking unhealthy shit you want. I am making mini pizzas, bacon and swiss rolls, and I've got a 24 pack of monster energy.I am 30 years old. I do well at my job, and I'm pretty fit. I don't need this subreddit to be my mother. I am making a blanket fort in my living room. I have taken vacation and I'm going to eat and drink whatever bad shit I want, because THAT is what a release party is all about.And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Conspiracy theory: Retribution is only bad right now to weed out the unfaithful and heretics. Secretly ret is actually the funnest class, we're just experiencing class fantasy to its fullest extent.

I'm not delusional

Shitpost Sunday in full swing


The woes of being a Troll


On the last day of Warlords, Blizzard gave to me...

12 months of Hellfire11 failed queues10 sunken ships9 crates of salvage8 new maxed alts7 unused tokens6 training mounts!5 strange coins4986 Apexis Crystals3 garrison upgrades2 raid tiers,And one reason to log in! (Pepe)All gripes aside, I am hyped for Legion!