Some say WoW has been watered down, I dont understand those people..

Drawing of a frost mage. Did you like it ?

New keystone affix in a nutshell

They did the math

Best GM in history restored an achievement and gave me a departing gift I won't forget

My take on Sylvanas Windrunner, I hope you like it :)

If you ever feel stupid

Take heart in the fact that I have played Legion this entire time raiding heroic (and some early mythic), smashing mythic+ without any enchants on my off hand weapon......I'm a DKI swear I just went up by 60k dps

The WoW forum is so toxic that you will get downvoted to oblivion if you say you like the game

when you're all ready to join LFR and you finally get in your group

Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of...

Showerthought: When doing dungeons I always assume two people from the same server know each other. When I see someone from my server I've never seen them before in my life.

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Got bored, so I created a soul well and made these cookies.

I made the Brewfest Pretzels with a side of Cheddar Beer Dip from the official Warcraft cookbook!

Legion Mythic Raiding Timeline

Blizzard: If you're not gonna put up Na'zak the Fiend please give us a quest for Rank 3 Potion of Prolonged Power

If you insist on having Shar'thos in Val'sharah every week and never putting up Na'zak can we please get some sort of quest chain to get rank 3 Prolonged power potions? It's been months of waiting for many alchemists.

Asmongold: How Mythic Nighthold Almost Destroyed my Guild and Made me Quit Raiding

So I just had something VERY interesting happen with Leystone Lockboxes.

Since 7.2 I have been gradually getting Leystone Lockboxes but I didn't have a 110 Rogue or a JC for the lockpicks. I finally got fed up with all the storage space these were taking up so I did the JC quests to unlock the lockpick recipe.I also use AdiBags which has a feature to "merge" unstackable items to condense the size of your bags so instead of 100 stacks of a unique item it just has a stack of 100 that only takes up 1 virtual bag slot. I had 30 lockboxes total, but for some odd reason only 27 were in one stack, 2 in another stack, and a single by itself.I opened the single one first and got 2 BoE epics out of the single box and was dumbfounded. Went on to open the stack of 2 and each one of those had 1 BoE epic in it. Then I went on to open the stack of 27 and those had nothing but greens and gold in it. It was almost like AdiBags knew which boxes had epics beforehand based on some hidden item information and would also suggest that the loot in these boxes is predetermined.Anyone else experience something similar?

Legion Invasion Timer is back!

Probably one of the last boss kites in the game. Shan Bu to Seven Stars, early Pandaria.

Fury warrior solo Mythic Archimonde and Guide for it.

I hope anyone actually interested in it… Guide is for fury warriors, but except some moments should work for other classes.Kill video: you need: 900+ ilvl, DoS and something with Leech OR healing legendary (Rethu/Prydaz/Manacles). When I did it I had 3.07% of leech and 904 ilvl, if you killed Agatha you probably have more than enough gear for Archimonde.Talents: 1/3/3/1/2/3/2 (Don’t even try it without Furious Charge talent)Full guide (short version for people who know fight well in comments):Phase 1 (100-70%): Use all CDs right on the pull and try to do maximum damage to Archimonde, when he summon Doomfire Spirit, you must kill it almost immediately, but don’t stand too close to it to avoid soaking all fire. Also Archimonde will cast Death Brand on you, that debuff will deal to you ~200k damage every second until you kill the Hellfire Deathcaller, the safest way would be using Battle Cry on each Deathcaller (only AFTER you use Enraged Regeneration for the first time).When Archimonde casts his abilities, you have time to run from him and use charge (for healing), you can also use leap+charge. After Shadowfel Burst cast just use charge, move away after Allure of Flames. Phase 2 (70-40%): Easiest phase, just save BC for Deathcaller, use charge for healing as much as possible and move 30 yards away from your soul on Shackled Torment.New adds after 55% Archimonde health do nothing, you can even save them for War Machine on last phase.Phase 3 (50-0%): Archimonde has many abilities here, but most of them are very simple. These are simple:1) Dark Conduit: Archimonde summons a Dark Conduit at your location (3 times in a row), if a Conduit is summoned next to another Conduit, you will take more damage (Conduits themselves do nothing to you)2) Mark of Legion: Debuff that deal ~1.5kk damage and knocks you back when expire (be ready to use charge or leap). Good time for using Enraged Regeneration if you low.3) Seething Corruption: Archimonde ignites the ground, causing a series of explosions every 4 sec for 12 sec. Just stay in melee and move to clear side (ignore third explosion if there is no clear side)4) Infernal Doombringer: these adds have 1,5kk, but they heal each other, so don’t try to aoe them down, just kill them one by one before Source of Chaos.Now let's talk about the most difficult: Void Stars and Source of Chaos.Source of Chaos: Archimonde will summon a Source of Chaos in front of him (4:16 and 5:15 on video) which has 4,7kk health and push you away from it. You must kill it immediately, use DoS on the first and third one, on second one use Drums, pot and all CDs that you have.Void stars: Archimonde summons 5 Void Stars (each with 334k health) that will fixate on you and if them reach you, they explodes knocking you away. They explode with delay, so you can just run into Void Star and kill it with ONE hit. I failed with them on second video, but yesterday I found an easy way to kill them. That's where they spawn: . First kill Star №2, then run back (or charge) to Star №3 and kill it with Raging Blow, after that run to last 3 stars and be ready to use Odyn’s Fury to kill last 3 Void Stars.Video example of killing stars:’s all. First Source of Chaos would be 50 sec after you enter last phase so you can use BC and Odyn fury at the start of the phase. After that save your OF for Void Stars and other CDs with DoS for Source of Chaos (except when you can kill Archimonde before next Source of Chaos)And don’t forget to install DBM for Warlords of DraenorFor other classes: to kill him solo you need to have good selfhealing, abilities like Charge or Disengage to survive Mark of Legion, CDs to kill Source of Chaos instantly and something to kill each void star before they reach you. I think Draught of souls could help on void stars too (not to kill them, but to ignore knockbacks)

Finally made this parody of an old WWII propaganda poster.

when somebody talks smack about your mog

This is the first interactable world physics object I have come across in WoW

Faster Emissary Boxes For Alts

Since flying has been unlocked, I know a lot of people starting to level their alts. I would recommend you only pick up flight paths in the towns you turn in your emissary quests at 110. That way when you complete an emissary quest at 110, you can use your flight master whistle anywhere in the zone and be instantly teleported to the quest turn in.

Why are so many Goblins warriors?

They like to charge alot.

Nazgrim has the ONLY excuse I will accept for being late

This is a Holdup!

This was the WoW community's reaction to having to click a few extra buttons because Blizzard changed how WQGF works.

My Shaman is a Little Too Familiar With the Fel

World Quest Group Finder has been updated to v0.24 bringing back WQGF function with prompts to press a few buttons.

Blizzard's attempts to get me to come back are getting ridiculous

What do you call a Gnome Discipline Priest?

A Compact Disc

Can we get capes like this?

GUYS you can be an abomination for guard day!!

And people said "Guard day" would be boring!


[Machinima] I feel like I spend half my life waiting for a healer...

Withered. Used to be withered.

Volunteer Guard Day in a nutshell.

In honor of volunteer guard day, let's take a moment for the real hero of the Alliance

Group Finder Addons Changed - World of Warcraft Forums

Apparently Armies of Legionfall doesn't count as a Broken Isles Faction

There is no escape from the Burning legion


So I found this in Stormwind today (38.2, 77.1) and I wonder what's this. Some orc left it here ?

Ever wonder what happens when you take FaceApp and bring it to WoW?

Tank Was AFK On Purpose Bragging The Whole Fight About How He Couldn't Be Kicked

Group Finder functions have been restricted, causing World Quest Group Finder to be permanently broken

Hey guys,Blizzard advised me that they would have to protect a lot of functions related to the group finder as the number of automated groups created by addons (including WQGF) was causing major lags for some players (I personally never encountered that myself).The hotfix is already live and unfortunately, it seems like there is no way to fix WQGF, as all the automation is not possible anymore.It was great working on the addon and sharing with the community.Robou

Heirlooms will be upgradeable to 110 in 7.2.5

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