[Community Suggestion] One Random Message of Kindness Each Day

This isn't a "our community is broken" post or whatever, but I had a great experience yesterday and wanted to share in the hopes that others could have similar experiences.I don't know about many of you, but the random dungeon grind can, at times, feel more like a silent, solo slog than an experience with four other people. Similarly, BGs can feel equally quiet.For the record, I don't think that's anything "new" about WoW... I remember similar grinds through Wrath and especially BC. But I think that silent / solo feeling is one of my least favorite types of in game experience.Anyway, to the point. Last night, I was grinding some Legion dungeons (being carried, basically, by a straight up beast mode tank) and, after our first dungeon, I just sent out a simple msg in /instance: hey x, awesome tanking man, thanks for the carryOr whatever, not exactly sure, but it was simple. 4/5 of that five man ended up running three more dungeons with him and all exchanging battle tags. The point is, I'm certain that wouldn't have happen if I would have just looted & scooted.The real benefit though, was that during the course of those runs, our group started chatting more and joking around, etc.After the initial run, I took a minute to message, randomly, the new player each time we started a five man. Nothing specific, just "hey man, nice awareness" if they avoided fire or "nice damage" if they were nuking. Each time I did that, without fail, I saw a positive response not only in dps / activity / etc, but also in how much the person communicated with the group.Anyway, there are, at any given time, roughly 4,000 players on this sub. If each of us took 30 seconds once a day to compliment someone in a BG, instance, or out in the world, I think the player base would really benefit, but most importantly, our individual experiences in the game would be better.I would love to hear your thoughts or similar experiences you've had!TL;DR Take the time to send one random compliment to a player in game each day.