Some stranger helped me with questions, i gave him a huge Thanks and got this in return.

If you want to Thank some one try to be different once in a while, try to make them feel much more appreciated then just saying thanks.  Today it was this day, i asked a question in trade and got a replay from a total stranger. I sent him this in game mail: Dear kind Stranger,  For me, and those, whom have just entered the world of world of warcraft, in war with the legion, i have to thank you.  Your help for me, and them have greater the knowledge of the almighty artifact power the strengther our weapen in order to defeat the legion.  I will share my knowledge to newcome soldiers, together we are strong, together we are one power, a power needed to win this war......  Once more i have to thank you, here is a small fee, thanks,Then i got this Mail back after a few hours: Friend.   I am grateful to hear my assistance has meant so much.   As we ever strive to become better people. Remember that helping others will ever be the path to greatness.  When i, myself, entered this war, i too was welcomed with opened arms. I can see now that my own debt to the community has been fufilled. Today me, tomorrow you. I will ever strive to help others, as i hope you shall. Please find attached a menagerie of my collections to aid your travels.  Light be with you, friend.