Hidden companion pet, Black Piglet, found in Dalaran!


[Assault on Broken Shore] Quest -> Let us skip it on alts if you have done it already. ("I've heard this tale before...")


So uh, what's with this wooden NPC?


Surprise visit from Illidan in Demon Hunter class hall


Map I made for "Bringing Home the Beacon" Achievement since the real map sucks at labeling niche areas.


The game now tells you which spells & abilities you haven't added to your hotbar


I am the very model of a Legion semi-casual

I am the very model of a Legion semi-casual,I have done the current content both normal and heroical,I know the fights entirely and can quote the dungeon jor-un-al,From Skorpyron to Gul'dan, so long as they're not mythical,I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters theory-craftical,I know my core rotation, though my execution's laughable,About my cooldowns and priorities, I've read a lot of news…… but …I still have no idea which DPS trinkets I'm supposed to use. (He still has no idea which DPS trinkets he's supposed to use?)(He still has no idea which DPS trinkets he's supposed to use!)(He still has no idea which DPS trinkets he's supposed to-posed-to use!) I pride myself on showing up for a raid almost every week,I would like to attend some more but am afraid the wife would freak,I'm trying to be more hardcore, but really to be practical,I am the very model of a Legion semi-casual. (He's trying to be more hardcore, but really to be practical, he is the very model of a Legion semi-casual) I've done all the mythic-pluses from MoS to HoV,But pushing past m-fifteen just doesn't really appeal to me,I've gotten my main-spec artifact nearly up to fifty-four,And don't really do my dailies or order-hall quests anymore,I've got myself a pair of legendaries and a Sephuz too,Neither of them are optimal but what am I supposed to do?I guess I could run all the LFRs and grind m-plus a ton…… but ...I already have a job and don't really want another one (He already has a job and doesn't really want another one?)(He already has a job and doesn't really want another one!)(He already has a job and doesn't really want another-nother one?) I'd like to say that I've geared myself up as much as possible,To be honest though my item-level is barely passible,The guild still lets me into raids, but come on let's be rational,I am the very model of a Legion semi-casual. (The guild still lets him into raids, but really let's be rational, he is the very model of a Legion semi-casual!) While my playtime may have suffered since I left university,And I admit I have problems with current fight complexity,I still refuse to turn in my hardcore-gamer card just quite yetAnd tag along to normal and heroic every chance I get.So when I make it to a raid I always try my very bestI beat out every alt and tank, and nearly keep up with the rest.I'll be the first to concede that my numbers could improve a bit...… but …At least I know enough to avoid standing in the purple shit (At least he knows enough to avoid standing in the purple shit!)(At least he knows enough to avoid standing in the purple shit!)(At least he knows enough to avoid standing in the purple-urple shit!) Despite my tendency to whine and whinge upon the internet,And my dogged insistence that my glory days aren't over yet,Truthfully I must admit I find it very comfortable,Being the very model of Legion semi-casual. (Truthfully he must admit he finds it very comfortable, being the very model of a Legion semi-casual)

Valeera by Crazy JN


April Fools Patch Notes prediction

Edit: Thank you so much for the gold!!<3Patch Notes:GeneralPlayers will now properly collide with other players.After comsuming any food, players will now be required to wait at least 30 minutes to engage in any kind of combat.Khadgar has been suspended from service after we found out that the Archmage would deliberately put players in dangerous situations for the sole purpose of making more puns.We would like to take this opportunity to say that Nomi is really trying his best. But come on, at least he didn't burn the beer. Nomi managed to burn the beer.Nomi was granted the Firelord title.ClassesDeath KnightUsing Sindragosa's Fury will now correctly cause 169% of weapon damage as Ear damage to players within 40 yards and will immediately cause all magic effects to BEETRAAAY their users.Unholy Death Knights have been renamed Necromancy Death Knights.Frost Death Knight will now deal 50% less damage in hot environments.DruidDruids now have a fifth specialization, Aquatic. Greatly buffing all traits, damage and stats of [Aquatic Form] while fighting in water.Feral druids have been caught and we will make sure we find a very nice new owner for all of them after this expansion.Moonkin Form was removed, instead, Balance druids will now get bonus damage while not in combat.HunterHunters have been renamed Archers because we feel their name was interfering with the Demon Hunter class.Trueshot Lodge was made 100% more cosy.Archers will now have the option of mounting their pets, at the cost of being able to tame anything but horses.Aspect of the Pack has been brought back for all Archer specs and it now provides a passive 20% movement speed for you party or raid. Taking damage while Aspect of the Pack is active will cause a daze, reducing the movement speed of all affected targets by 98% for 8 seconds.MageThe Mage class order hall was remodelled to no longer look like an adult toy.Arcane Mages will now correctly turn into Withered upon running out of mana.Ice Barrier will now properly melt when taking Fire damage.Casting any Frost spell will now play "Let it Go" by Disney's Frozen™.Fire will now correctly deal single target damage.MonksThe Monk class was removed from the game after we found out that Demon Hunters were much more popular. Also we were running out of leather gear. We apologize for this sudden change, and we will compensate all Monk players with a level 110 Survival Archer fully equipped with Ilvl 860 gear.PaladinThe Retribution Hidden Artifact appearance had it's drop chance lowered, and can now only be looted if you are exalted with every fishing faction.Paladins will no longer be able to ride mounts indoors, we profusely apologize to everyone who had their floors damaged by this. To compensate for this change, Paladins will now be able to fly while Avenging Wrath is active.PriestShadow Priests will now correctly start cackling maniacally after explaining their master plan to take over Azeroth upon reaching 100% Insanity.Discipline Priest was renamed Disc Priest, because why bother anymore.RogueThe Rogue order hall had air refreshers installed because we started to feel just a tiny bit sorry for them.Subtlety Rogues are now 43% more subtle, making them almost completely unnoticeable in all content.Outlaw Rogues now have the options to pick Ninja too.The Outlaw ability [Bribe] now costs 500 gold per attempt.ShamanShamans were horribly nerfed to keep their long established status intact.Shamans are now underpowered, we will try but it's not likely to change.WarlockDemonology has been renamed to Zoolock, a name inspired by our Hearthstone franchise.Typing lock while being 20 yards or closer to a Warlock player will now cause your characters legs to lock up. Warlocks are expected to help said players when they start caring.Summoning another player will now automatically grant the Warlock 200 gold paid by the player summoned. This is to discourage slacking.WarriorUsing any shout spell will no longer cause Warriors to gain the [Sore Throat] debuff.The Protection Warrior Artifact, Scale of the Earth-Warder, will now correctly scale.Arms Warriors will now be encouraged daily to not skip leg days.Fury Warriors can now only use daggers.Fury Warriors now automatically learn [Backstab] at level 4Fury Warriors now deal 60% more damage when attacking from the front.Now that Fury Warriors are properly [Enraged] from reading these changes, all of them have been reverted.Fury Warriors can now only use daggers.Demon HunterFixed a bug where deaf Demon Hunters were completely helpless in some content.Players will no longer be allowed to name their Demon Hunter anything that includes Illidan or similar versions.Demon Hunters will automatically be renamed Hunters when not actively fighting demons.Whenever you enter Hunter stance, Aspect of the Pack is instantly activated, and a random animal will start following you. Your equipped Warglaives will be replaced by a bow, and you gain several ranged attack abilities.We are currently looking at the issue that causes Demon Hunters in Hunter mode to miss every shot because of an obvious design flaw we overlooked. We suspect that it is caused by a bug involving blindfolds.Fixed an issue causing Fel Rush to disconnect people from the ga

Fun fact: There hasn't been a single Elisande mythic kill since the patch hit 2 days ago


Should we tell them?


caw caw, it is i crowsus, fear me


Not sure if this is known but I just got a legendary from the Legionfall Recompense cache. You get it from contributing the Legionfall resources to one of the buildings.



Title.Dog is near the innkeeper. His name is Goya, and you can interact with him to pet him.This is him

Rogue Class Fantasy Insight


Why Did we Have to Kill High Botanist Tel'arn?

He just wanted to be a plant boy. I don't really think he cared about the Legion. Looking at all the other bosses, it makes sense why we had to kill them. But with poor Tel'arn, we literally go out of our way just to bully him and step all over his plantsSkorpyron: The big scorp was in our way. Collateral damage.Chronomatic Anomaly: Free our allies at the gate!Trilliax: Also in our way. But the best voicelines.Spellblade Aluriel: Powerwalking around the courtyard menacingly, she wouldn't let the Magistrix fall.Krosus: He was a Legion boy, he had to die. He heckled us at the Broken Shore awhile ago.Tichondrius: Another Legion boy, he was a commander of the nathrezim or something similar. I'm not that into the lore :/Star Augur Etraeus: He was scanning worlds for the Legion to invade. I learned this while I was listening to his voicelines today in geometry and it was there!Grand Magistrix Elisande: To free the nightborne once and for all from the bad trade deal she made with China!! She thought she closed the greatest trade deal, but they were losing!Gul'dan: The BADDEST Legion boy in the whole tower. He was gonna summon the real Legion boy, the big S.But the botanist? He just likes his plants. Tel'arn is the reason that Suramar is so beautiful and such a cool place to be. We need justice for Tel'arn. Botanist lives matter. #PlantsOutForTel'arn

Khadgar dropping lines


Seeing this world quest makes me really happy.

For anyone who has read the Warcraft novels, specifically the stories based around the First War through to post-Second War (The Last Guardian-Beyond the Dark Portal), perhaps you'll remember the conversation between Alleria and Khadgar while on Draenor.This conversation took place during the time when Alleria was grieving for her family that was killed during the Second War and she was hell-bent on killing every orc in sight - and because of this she got really cold towards Turalyon.When Alleria and Khadgar spoke, Khadgar had an outburst about how he'll never find love due to the fact that Medivh had magically aged him, and that no one would want an old man like him. Well, if you've been paying close attention, Archmage Modera and himself have been getting quite close recently. While I was doing WQs on the Broken Shore, I came across this.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost positive that he was collecting the coins to give to Modera as a gift. I don't know if this post is really necessary or not, but I just thought it was a nice thing to point out. :)

Collection of 7.2 Mythic+ Changes

With 7.2 there were a couple of Mythic+ Dungeon changes. Some of them are documented in the patchnotes, some of them seem to be undocumented. Is there anywhere a collection of all the (undocumented) changes that came with 7.2 affecting Mythic+ Dungeons? I didnt found any, so i will try to gather the changes in this post. If there is something similar already, let me know.Below you can see the documented changes and all changes per dungeon i encountered so far. I will add your infos too. If someone confirms my encountered changes or yours, i will add a "[confirmed]" behind it. Thank you all for so many responses to this post! I will update this further after my raid is done. Until then i created you a Strawpoll to get your opinion how the new +10 feels vs the old +15: Strawpoll Documented Changes:from official patchnotesRewards:Mythic Keystone dungeons now award gear up to item level 890 at keystone level 10, and now award gear up to item level 905 in the weekly Challenger’s Chest (at keystone level 10).Bluepost with details on this:After Patch 7.2 has been released, the minimum item level of the rewards found in the end-of-run chests will be as follows:Mythic 2-3: 870Mythic 4-5: 875Mythic 6-7: 880Mythic 8-9: 885Mythic 10+: 890(Note: bosses in Mythic Dungeons run with no Keystone active will drop item level 865 gear.)The minimum item level of the rewards in the weekly Challenger’s Bounty chest (found in your Order Hall) will be based on the highest difficulty Mythic Keystone dungeon you cleared that week, as follows:Mythic 2: 875Mythic 3: 880Mythic 4: 885Mythic 5: 890Mythic 6: 890Mythic 7: 895Mythic 8: 895Mythic 9: 900Mythic 10+: 905Artifact Power rewards from both Mythic Keystone dungeons and the weekly Challenger's Chest now continue through keystone level 30.Artifact Power rewards for Mythic Keystone dungeons have been adjusted: Longer dungeons, such as Halls of Valor, now award a proportionately higher amount of Artifact Power. Shorter dungeons, such as Maw of Souls, now award a proportionately lower amount of Artifact Power. Artifact Power bonuses have been added to your weekly chest rewards. These increase based on the highest level Mythic Keystone you completed.Graphic with details for base Artifact Power hereGameplay (Affixes):The Overflowing affix has been removed.The Bolstering affix range has been reduced to 30 yards (was 45 yards).Necrotic Rot will now expire after leaving combat. Duration reduced to 9 seconds (was 10 seconds).Skittish threat reduction has been lowered to 75% (was 80%).Fortified damage bonus lowered to 30% (was 40%).Tyrannical damage bonus lowered to 15% (was 20%).Sanguine radius increased to 8 yards.Gameplay (other / dungeon specific):Added 60 seconds to the Black Rook Hold timer.Added a Night Watch Mariner to the top deck in the Maw of Souls while Teeming is active.Killing Cove Seagulls should now add Enemy Forces credit. Changes per dungeon (mostly undocumented) Maw of SoulsAdded a Night Watch Mariner to the top deck in the Maw of Souls while Teeming is active. [documented]Trash before the 1st boss: [Brackwater Blast] from [Seacursed Soulkeeper]s now got a clearer visual effect / blue circle around the affected player (its a debuff that explodes after a few seconds) [confirmed]Ymiron (1st boss):The small adds he summons deal a lot more damage than they did before (thanks to Enzymaticz) [confirmed]Harbaron (2nd boss):[Nether Rip] summons more patches on the ground, maybe its just a change so that now they spawn in larger groups but less frequently, im not sure[Fragment] spawns more Soul Fragments (6-7 i would say)Helya P1:[Brackwater Barrage] is casted much more frequently and faster (every ~20-30 seconds or so and with like half the cast time?) [confirmed][Destructor Tentacle] dealing some serious tank dmg now (atleast on higher keystone levels, needed to cycle my cds as a tank on +12, harder than first boss in my opinion) [confirmed] Court of StarsPatrol Captain Gerdo (1st boss)Adds (the ones, who spawn if you dont disable the pillars) stun random players for 5 sec with the Spell [Hinder] (thanks to ragnorr, Crestfallenn and Flovust) [confirmed]Advisor Melandrus (last boss)[Blade Surge] changed a little bit: the charge location is shown with a ground effect and you can simply move from it, no need for blinking or movement increases in the right moment[Slicing Maelstrom] is cast a lot less frequently as before (thanks to ced_)Volcanic: The Mirror Images of the boss dont cause volcanos to spawn anymore (thanks to crazymonkeyfish)"the adds you have to kill in CoS before the second boss run like 200% faster" (thanks rohnoe) Darkheart ThicketDresaron (Dragon boss)[Down Draft] (winds/pushback): you cant outrange the ability anymore and it pushes you back harder (thanks jurble and yelnatz) [confirmed] Neltharion's LairUlarogg (2nd boss)[Strike of the Mountain] targets multiple players at once, even melees (thanks Marcrzz and jurble) [confirmed]Dargrul the Underking (last boss)Add got some buffs it seems (faster / more hp) - remember: you can kite it into any unneeded crystals for a stun and 100% increased dmg effectAfter [Magma Wave] the boss leaves behind a pool of Lava, like he already did on normal mythic (thanks to raynorxx and Tr1n1ty_1) [confirmed] Vault of the WardensSpiders in front of the last boss changed (the first group of 4 spiders is now patrolling too and maybe there are more) Eye of AzsharaKilling Cove Seagulls should now add Enemy Forces credit. [documented]"In eye of azshara the last four caster mobs that must be killed give percent towards completion. The four combined give slightly less than 8%." (thanks trumpster420)Warlord Parjesh (1st boss)[Impaling Spear] (that you should lead into an add) now additionally stuns players if they got hit by it for a long time - 20 seconds? 10 seconds (thanks Pakshee and hellofrommycubicle) [confirmed] Black Rook HoldAdded 60 seconds to the Black Rook Hold timer. [documented]Lord Ravencrest / Dantalionax (last boss)[Dreadlord's Guile] (purple beam, that cuts the room into half) now has been visually updated and can move clockwise OR counter-clockwise (thanks to dahshad and yomen_) [confirmed] The Arcway"In Arcway the little spiders by the spider boss now have an explosion delay with a swirly on the ground instead of exploding instantly" (thanks LoLReiver)[Forgotten Spirit] (the banshee/ghost add, which chain-casts the stacking heal reduce + aoe dmg) now comes into melee range first (thanks precose)"Before General Xakal boss you can't skip Priestess of Misery anymore, she is standing right infront of doorway, but you probably can CC her, she also give ~5% to prog%" (thanks Naggash)Ivanyr"Ivanyr in Arcway teleports to his usual spot to cast Overcharge Mana." (thanks Paquoon)[Arcane Blast] is now interruptable (thanks to Fiasco_Du_Jour) [confirmed] Halls of ValorHymdall[Storm Breath] from Storm Drakes spawn more tornados (thanks Memnarchthe59th) [confirmed]OdynBalls/Spheres are now bigger [confirmed by this post]You can no longer jump on the mountain range and skip everything to Fenrir. Before anyone asks: this was a nice skip if you didnt have a non combat CC like Rogue or DH in group and was just an idiot proof way of skipping everything.This trash pack that I labeled with a red X on the picture has been removed from the dining hall [confirmed by rohnoe](thanks milkmaid93)"You get 3.97% now in hov from the 4 minibosses before the second to last boss. So thats 15.88% total." (thanks rohnoe) Lower KarazhanAttumen the Huntsman (Horse boss) and trash around himTrash: [Burning Brand] from Spectral Apprentices now have a red circle to indicate the range of the explosionTrash: [Smash] from Spectral Journeyman is cast on the tank and deals dmg in a small radius around him (maybe not a change, but now in mythic+ your melees might start to notice it)Boss / Midnight: [Mighty Stomp] deals dmg in a large radius and silence players, didnt noticed this before 7.2, but might be in the game already other undocumented Changes vulcanic now spawns somewhat different: spawn point of the vulcanos isnt exactly centered with the center of the players hitbox, it spawns near the center of your hitbox now, even sometimes resulting in a vulcano-spawn outside of your hitbox and you can stand still  Edit 1: Added Changes for NL and DHT based on commentsEdit 2: Added Changes for Arcway and HOV based on comments and another postEdit 3: Added Changes for Arcway, HoV, EoA, CoSEdit 4: Added Changes for BRH, EoA, MoS and added confirmations based on commentsEdit 5: Added a Strawpoll for your opinion on new +10 vs old +15, will add more of the changes all of you mentioned in the comments soon, thank you all for so many replies to this :)Edit 6: Added Karazhan-Changes and a couple of changes for the other dungeonsEdit 7: Spear from first Eye of Azshara boss stuns for 10 not for 20 seconds

Man, If only I had read this tip sooner!


Asked for advice on my fresh 110 alt, and my friend answered with brutality.


There's a rare in a cave on the west side of the Tomb/ Cathedral Entrance who does not show up on the map unless you can target him


I have been blaming my raid for prepulling every boss, it happened so much I almost tilted (I was raidleader). Then I found it was me the whole time.

So apparantly shaman's Fire Elemental got patched, it now attacks the one you target, and not the one you last hitted. I didn't know this, and I place my fire elemental in front of my opening rotation, so around 3 seconds before pull. Every time I casted him he started attacking the boss, without me noticing. I kept hating and yelling on discord, but the moment I noticed it was me was prett damn embarrasing. I gave away my lead to the tank and muted my discord and told that I will pay for every feast upcoming week, but there is nothing that can set this mistake straight.Just a story I had to share. If there is anything embarrasing that happened to you as raidleader, I'd love to hear it.

The Sets Transmog tab is awesome. Job well done Blizz!

Thanks for the sets tab in the transmog section. Best feature in 7.2 for me!

I LOVE staggered content

I see all this goddamn people complaining about blizzard "gating" patch content. Well for someone like me who raids mythic at a decent level (top ~150), I really don't mind having time for something outside of this game.When the expansion launched it was intolerable how much garbage the game threw at you to do at once. Back then I actually sent blizzard feedback on several different channels that they really should try to gate their content more or hardcore players will go nuts. I am happy they chose to go down this path this time around.In my eyes its benefical for casual players, as they don't fall so far behind hardcore players with their limited playtime. And hardcore players can enjoy the game without having to play at breakneck speeds.

Feral Druids no longer have a Prowl stealth animation: "intentional aesthetic change"


A Google Spreadsheet where you can extensively keep track of your raid team

So at the start of this expansion I made a Google spreadsheet for my guild to keep track of things like weekly AP gains and World Quests / Dungeons completed, since I did not feel like there was anything out there that did the job well. I have received positive feedback on it so I figured I would share it, for whoever is still looking for a simple but in-depth overview of their guild. You can look at an example populated version here:http://ift.tt/2mSFQMB you want to make a copy, you can use http://ift.tt/2nOPVd1 . What the spreadsheet shows is the following:A summary sheet with everyone's traits (main spec or currently logged out spec), item level (either currently equipped or highest ever equipped), weekly or all-time World Quests/Dungeons completed, and weekly Artifact Power obtained (based on your region's weekly reset time)A roster sheet where you can see your role distribution, including tier tokens and armor type.An overview sheet with more extensive stats of all your raiders, including rankings for each statistic.A single view sheet where you can look at the gear of individuals, which dungeons they have done, how many tier pieces they have, their enchants, which legendaries they have (it will remember and store legendaries that people have logged out with)There are no API calls made from the spreadsheet itself, character data is refreshed intermittently externally, and the spreadsheet simply displays the data. You just fill in your guild's key in the spreadsheet and it will start displaying your guild's data once the first API call is made (you can create a key at http://ift.tt/2oBA52k). You only have to add the members you want to track to your key on the website, and within an hour your data will appear in the spreadsheet. It will refresh completely by itself (new data is fetched from the API about once per hour).I hope some of you find this useful and I would love your feedback in case you decide to use it. I shared this on MMO-Champion about two months ago and there are now over 1000 guilds actively using the spreadsheet. I figured there may be some of you on Reddit who would also be interested!

I just arrived at Halfhill to check my farm and I discovered a very local flooding problem...


My favorite Blizzard Employee

is whoever fixed the TAB-Targeting. Give him a raise or a coupon or something. Thanks bro!Edit: They listened = http://ift.tt/2odCkMY

Our party got disconnected during Maw of Souls and after relogging we could travel anywhere from the dungeon entrance. It seems it contains some early version of Stormheim inside.


Is it only me?

That with patch 7.2 release I see:- 9(up from 8) relevant dungeons instead of 1- 6(up from 5) relevant zones instead of 1- breathing space to finish 7.1.5 goals- fresh vibe from already existing dungeons(they changed them, pumped up the difficulty and moved trash around)- content for the upcoming weeks until Tomb of Sargeras, instead of 1 huge overwhelming wave of content which would lead to content draught until next patch- target those paragon reputation rewards- things to look forward towardsFor those comparing 7.2 with Tanaan: Tanaan Jungle had only 1 zone as opposed to 6 from Legion, no relevant dungeons, 3 dailies and a few repeatable zone quests and NOTHING to look forward towards. I don't know about you but I never stepped into Tanaan after a few days of seeing the same fel thing.

I managed to get on top of The Sentinax, here's all 3 raids in one picture


I think my friend used up all his good RNG for this year.


Better than getting a legendary, 500k AP per world quest


Remember those guys from the MOP cinematic?


Changes to 7.2 gear scaling - new post by Lore


Why in the world are Sentinax portals faction tagged

Title. So i use an item and if the area happens to be filled with alliance they just steal everything? Nice. Assume it also happens on other side too. How blizzard didnt think of this ?

Tonight, while doing Tichondrius, i got the damage orb right as we got into the night phase

So, you could say i got it right off the batimsorry

After doing some broken shore grinding, it should be obvious that mobs need to be taggable by all players of both factions.

Farming things like Sentinax mobs is just painful, more than half of the mobs there are useless to you since the other faction is also there farming with many players. I like the broken shore, but the fact that you can't get credit for all mobs in a mass grinding party just destroys the mmo feeling the zone gives. Blizz needs to get on this ASAP imo.

Am i the only one who sees this? [Litteral shitpost]


Blizzard honors Varian with new action figure+HotS skin


How most of us felt about 7.2 patch day.


Apparently the Vrykul used html to format their ancient scrolls


There appears to be a bug where there's nothing to do on the Broken Shore.

Currently there seems to be an issue affecting players were there isn't shit to do but grind paltry amounts of nethershards from the few mobs that don't get greyed out to you by esoteric tagging rules. Also the towers are apparently taking about 10 times a reasonable amount of time to level.I can't seem to find a blue post on this unfortunately.

If creatures now scale with item level, there is absolutely no reason for world quest rewards to become irrelevant after Ilvl 850

The recent change to scaling makes world quests a consistent challenge, But the gear given becomes irrelevant after being geared to normal emerald nightmare levels.

My guildie got his shovel enchanted by the Council of Six


The best part of 7.2 thus far.


Quick tip: Unequip just one ring while doing world quests if you are 880ilvl or above.

Mob with 1.5 million health dropped down to 1 million health when I equipped one ring. This dropped my ilvl from 900 to 840.Unequipping another ring didn't drop the mob health down further, so I assume 840 is around min (someone who commented said this may be actually 850).You don't lose much primary stats and you've just chopped the health by a third.Hopefully this is just temporary, until Blizzard reverts this astonishing poorly thought-out change.Edit:Also for the barrels of fun quest. You can still mark a PAST barrel (before the new G button pops up) with the macro. With it you can at least rule out one barrel, or if you get lucky and the past one is re-picked it can save you one round.

ATTN: Custom Lag Tolerance was automatically set to 400 for a lot of people. If your spells feel off, this is why. Here's how to fix it:

/dump GetCVar("SpellQueueWindow")To see what it's currently set at. You want it to be at your normal latency. So, if you normally get 60 ping, you then want to type/console SpellQueueWindow 60This fixed a lot of issues myself and friends were having with game abilities feeling off.

Bellular's Warcraft Tales has been shut down by Blizzard