Seeing this world quest makes me really happy.

For anyone who has read the Warcraft novels, specifically the stories based around the First War through to post-Second War (The Last Guardian-Beyond the Dark Portal), perhaps you'll remember the conversation between Alleria and Khadgar while on Draenor.This conversation took place during the time when Alleria was grieving for her family that was killed during the Second War and she was hell-bent on killing every orc in sight - and because of this she got really cold towards Turalyon.When Alleria and Khadgar spoke, Khadgar had an outburst about how he'll never find love due to the fact that Medivh had magically aged him, and that no one would want an old man like him. Well, if you've been paying close attention, Archmage Modera and himself have been getting quite close recently. While I was doing WQs on the Broken Shore, I came across this.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm almost positive that he was collecting the coins to give to Modera as a gift. I don't know if this post is really necessary or not, but I just thought it was a nice thing to point out. :)