Why Did we Have to Kill High Botanist Tel'arn?

He just wanted to be a plant boy. I don't really think he cared about the Legion. Looking at all the other bosses, it makes sense why we had to kill them. But with poor Tel'arn, we literally go out of our way just to bully him and step all over his plantsSkorpyron: The big scorp was in our way. Collateral damage.Chronomatic Anomaly: Free our allies at the gate!Trilliax: Also in our way. But the best voicelines.Spellblade Aluriel: Powerwalking around the courtyard menacingly, she wouldn't let the Magistrix fall.Krosus: He was a Legion boy, he had to die. He heckled us at the Broken Shore awhile ago.Tichondrius: Another Legion boy, he was a commander of the nathrezim or something similar. I'm not that into the lore :/Star Augur Etraeus: He was scanning worlds for the Legion to invade. I learned this while I was listening to his voicelines today in geometry and it was there!Grand Magistrix Elisande: To free the nightborne once and for all from the bad trade deal she made with China!! She thought she closed the greatest trade deal, but they were losing!Gul'dan: The BADDEST Legion boy in the whole tower. He was gonna summon the real Legion boy, the big S.But the botanist? He just likes his plants. Tel'arn is the reason that Suramar is so beautiful and such a cool place to be. We need justice for Tel'arn. Botanist lives matter. #PlantsOutForTel'arn