I have been blaming my raid for prepulling every boss, it happened so much I almost tilted (I was raidleader). Then I found it was me the whole time.

So apparantly shaman's Fire Elemental got patched, it now attacks the one you target, and not the one you last hitted. I didn't know this, and I place my fire elemental in front of my opening rotation, so around 3 seconds before pull. Every time I casted him he started attacking the boss, without me noticing. I kept hating and yelling on discord, but the moment I noticed it was me was prett damn embarrasing. I gave away my lead to the tank and muted my discord and told that I will pay for every feast upcoming week, but there is nothing that can set this mistake straight.Just a story I had to share. If there is anything embarrasing that happened to you as raidleader, I'd love to hear it.