There should be a different thought process when designing anything that is NOT for competitive play.

People have already pointed out the strange cooldown-itis that non-combat Toys already have now. But in addition to that, I'm including things like Cooking and Reputation.For example, it's nice to be able to send the +250 rep tokens to alts after completing WQ Emissary Quests, but why nothing for Class Hall mission rewards? At the point when players are maxed out on their mains, what could possibly be the harm at improving alts faster?For another example, that irks and baffles me is when Nomi finally drops a pattern...and then 2 duplicates of that same pattern. But they are all Soulbound. WHY? What game-breaking mechanic is going to be exploited when people get all the recipes faster?The point is that these and other rewards in game are designed as if they NEEDED to be gated. But they really don't. I will not stop playing any of my characters if I get all my cooking recipes (or max all my alts' reputations) before Tomb of Sargeras is released. I might actually start playing ANOTHER alt.Honestly, this expansion feels better than a lot of other expansions, but it's also very painful in many unnecessary ways. This may well be the source of all the Nightmare corruption.mic drop