Why havn't they implemented something to force people into a spec with LFR

I was doing spellblade lfr on my shammy today where i queued as heals. Got in, noticed i was the only one out of the five healers to be in their healing spec.Got to Spellblade, and to my surprise, no one switched and we pulled the boss. Mind you this would be fine (i guess) if i was on my 892 druid, but my shammy is only 860, so i was solo healing with around 350k hps. Many people died, and i got flamed, even though it was completely not my fault.I say that i'm the only healer and people say there isn't that much of a healing requirement, and we continue to wipe throughout the whole lfr.Why hasn't blizzard implemented something where the people who queue for a spec have to play that spec, its unfair on other dps who have to wait and the healer who is stuck healing 25+ people by their self. This would make lfr actually a somewhat fun experience, compared to what it is like now.