You win, I hate PUGs now too.

So I have never made a post on here, and I don't know if a single person will read this, but I just had one of the most annoying experience Puging a mythic EoA. I am a 880 Fury warrior and I assumed this wouldn't be a problem and I have had a quest in there for weeks.So after a demon hunter left since he didn't know how to use the summoning stone, the healer left since he was instance locked, we were actually able to do the dungeon. Fine on first boss, fine on second. Get to Serpentrix, no one goes on adds, we wipe. Healer tells everyone to go on the other heads the next time around. Everyone agrees. So of course I end up soloing the heads one at a time, then do damage to the boss, he submerges. I solo the two other heads once again. Go on the boss that is 5% as everyone is dying and leaving as they die. I finish off the boss, and I am literally alone in this instance. I have seen one person rage quit after wiping, but 4 people when we don't even wipe? I don't know how to cope with this idiocy.