Some interesting facts on how WoW is influenced by the Norse world / mythology. (Magni Bronzebeard, Thrall, Thorim...trees)

Hey guys, so I'm writing my final paper for one of my classes, "The Viking World." I was given approval from my professor to integrate WoW into it, heavily. Edit: Please be aware the research is not done yet. So I have not "missed" anything. Feel free to add in though! New topics will come up such as Tyr, the rest of the keepers of Ulduar..... etc.You are more than welcome to critique my arguments. This is research... a lot of information. A few things were already noted as incorrect or not entirely adding up. I will not throw a fit if you spot something that is wrong or does not line up....Or if you wish to go against my argument.Basically, I am comparing any recognizable things in WoW that relate to the Norse world.... and how Blizzard distorts/twists it in their own ways.Surprisingly, I had to do a lot of research. There wasn't much information easily available linking WoW with Norse mythology! (Aside from Stormheim and Skyhold) The two zones just wasn't enough in my opinion to capture the entire WoW universe.Before you ask, Norse and Viking are interchangeable terms.... the difference is the occupation of the Norsemen. Viking (Vikingr) is refering to Norsemen as sailors or pirates. More info here: "“Norse” and “Viking” refer to the same Germanic people who settled in Scandinavia during the Viking Age who spoke Old Norse. “Norse” refers to Norsemen who were full-time traders, and Vikings refers to people who were actually farmers but were part-time warriors led by people of noble birth."The research is not done yet but this is what I have:World TreesYggdrasil is actually from Norse mythology. It is as well considered the world tree. Although there were other world trees in Norse mythology, I can't find much information on them. In WoW there are 6 from what I have read.YggdrassilNordrassil “Crown of the Heavens”, has a Well of EternityTeldrassil “Crown of the Earth”Vordrassil “Broken Crown” – previously called “Crown of the Snow” – was corrupted by a God named Yogg’saronShaladrassil – provides a portal to a parallel realm called “The Emerald Dream”One unnamed tree that is home to a God, Ill’gynothNote: Yggdrasil means "Odin's Horse." Ygg(r) was one of Norse Odin's nicknames. (Not WoW Odyn) drassil also means horse. (Simek, Rudolf (2007). Dictionary of Northern Mythology. Translated by Angela Hall.)Magni Bronzebeard & Thorim VS. Magni and ThorWe all know our good man Magni Bronzebeard. His name comes directly from Norse mythology. Norse Magni was known as one of Thor's two sons. Norse Magni's brother was Modi. The names Modi and Magni meant "Brave" and "Strong." Magni Bronzebeard in general has both of those traits.In the WoW universe Magni Bronzebeard is also a Blacksmith and forged "The Ashbringer." Norse Magni was not a blacksmith. Blizzard combined Norse Magni and another Norse mythology character Brokkr to create Magni Bronzebeard. Here's where things begin tying together. In Norse mythology, Brokkr, forged Thor's weapon Mjolnir. Obviously, WoW Magni did not do that and has no ties with Thorim. However, WoW Magni forged "The Ashbringer" as I said before.As I said already, Magni has no ties to Thorim in-game. However, Thorim is almost directly related to Norse Thor. They both represent a lot of Thunder. Thorim carries a weapon in game named Krolmir which is a reference to Mjolnir. Even the wife (Sif) made it into the game... guess you can't go anywhere without wife aggro.Recap:Magni Bronzebeard = (Norse Magni + Norse Modi + Brokkr) - (Having any relation to Thor)Brokkr was a blacksmith. Norse Magni was notBrokkr forged Mjolnir for Norse ThorMjolnir is actually in the game as Thorim's weapon but renamed as Krolmir, Hammer of StormsIn the WoW universe Magni Bronzebeard did not make Thorim's weapon Mjolnir. Instead Bronzebeard made Ashbringer. This implies that Magni is also Brokkr in a way of forging a great weapon.Thorim is in fact related to Thor on almost all accounts with no distortion.Thrall*Edit: Some of you are saying that Thrall's story line ties closer with Moses (or in fact is). Here I'm merely comparing his traits as a character to Njal. Professor OK'd this as he wants us to take any evidence of anything and form an opinion about it. *Ah, here's another good tie to Norse mythology. Thrall in Norse (the language) meant slave. I'm sure the name is a dead giveaway for anyone with good vocabulary. Thralls (slaves) in the Viking world were always described as ugly. In the game Orcs aren't pretty! In fact, social status meant everything in the Viking world. If you want an example just read the first couple of short chapters in Saga of the Volsungs.In WoW, Thrall was raised as a slave to Blackmore (leader of Durnholde). Directly from the wowwikki: "Blackmoore gave him the name Thrall, which was another word for "slave" in the human tongue. Blackmoore returned with Thrall to his fortress, Durnholde Keep, raising him as a gladiator with all the savagery of an orc, but with the keen strategic intellect of a human."Our class just finished reading Njal's Saga and Thrall actually relates to the main character, Njal. Njal was very wise, noble and made smart decisions. Njal and Thrall almost have this indirect tie of social status and intellect (obviously after Thrall was brought back into Orc culture in later years). Njal had a good friend at a neighboring household named Gunnar, who was the head of his own house hold. In the story line their wives were out for each other but Njal and Gunnar kind of shrugged it off and kept their friendship bond strong. Even afterwords when new conflicts arose, they kept strong bonds. This reminds me of Thrall attempting to make peace with the humans. In Njal's saga, everyone went to Njal for advice. Thrall seems like a good man to go to for advice as well.Note: Njal could also see the future. In the saga he saw his own death as well. Shamanistic powers? Not sure if Thrall could see into the future. Need some details on that one.Importance of WeaponryIn most epic Norse sagas there is always someone with a notable weapon. For example, Gunnar in Njal's saga had a legendary halberd. The only direct tie in game that I have found was Thorim and his weapon Krolmir. However, some heroes in the game carry weapons known by most of the player base. I see this as another indirect but implied Norse mythology tie.SOME examples... not all:Tirion with The AshbringerMorgrainne with The Corrupted AshbringerVarian with Shalamayne (Shalla'tor and Ellemayne when split into two)Arthas with Frostmourne or Light's Vengeance(Odyn vs. Helya) vs Odin & Hela/HelOdyn and Helya in game aren't on good terms. However, in Norse mythology Odin and Hela remained neutral. Edit: I've been told this is not the case, I haven't started much of the research between Odin and Hela yet. Hela remained as the keeper of hel and watched over the dead. That's all the information I have on them for now.The end.Edit: Grammar, formatting.