Monthly reminder that Sha of Anger could use a QOL change.

The last post was a month ago. As someone currently flying in mid air at the top of the hill trying to seek out all his spawn points at once, I feel I could use this time wisely and make the post.At the moment, for people who don't hunt for Heavenly Onyx(why? It's beautiful), if Sha spawns and you're nowhere near it(even if you are sometimes), it'll get killed within 5-10 seconds by a properly geared 110. Every other world boss that drops a mount to my knowledge has one spawn location(even Rukhmar despite the fact he flies around), Sha is the only one which is incredibly frustrating to kill.I propose, as per the last thread, that an image of Sha could go out along with his zone-wide spawn shout, the image would basically be an un-targettable 'shadow' of Sha, so everybody could see where he spawns, and it would persist for 30 seconds. This is ample time to fly from one side of the zone to the other. After 30 seconds, Sha properly spawns and everybody can tag and go another week without Heavenly Onyx.I don't see any negatives to this and it's pretty much just to keep people from spending, in rare cases, an hour trying to kill one world boss.Tl;dr - shadow of Sha spawns for 30 seconds instead of Sha, people fly over, Sha spawns, pewpew, deado.