Blizzard gave survival hunters the most LITERALLY useless ability ever. Waylay.

Okay, so i've leveled up a hunter from 1-110, played survival all the way. I adore this class and enjoy how it plays and I can usually pull very good damage with it after figuring out how it works. Throw grenade, pop trap, bleed, smack away. I was excited to hear about the changes to how traps would work because that would be an even better class design. A melee hunter who masters traps. Sounds great!Except that it's not.It's fucking awful.Reading over Waylay and how it works, it triggers after 2 seconds of placing a trap on the ground that increases the effects of said placed trap by making it more deadly. Okay, that's all fine and dandy but when you place a trap on the ground at an enemy's feet it explodes immediately, making Waylay pointless. You can only use the Waylay ability by predicting how the boss is gonna move. Well that's not that bad, all bosses have a predictable movement right?Fuck no.The tanks move the boss, and depending on how the tank is going to move the boss, you can throw the trap right in it's direction, or have it be completely ignored the entire fight, making your DPS drop to shit levels. It's an extra mechanic the tank isn't going to want to have to worry about because he's already got WAY too much shit going on. I can only see this actually being useful in fights where you 100% know where the enemy is going to move (Dragons in EN for example, just pop it in between the two and leave it there for them to run over when the tanks swap) Otherwise it's unpredictable.So how can this be balanced out? Well, how about letting us use more than one trap? Let's give the option to add steel trap back into the mix for that extra missed DPS. Okay, well it'll give me some more variety in my rotation. Let's have Waylay proc it as well. Uhhhh okay, but that defeats the purpose of using it.BUT WAIT, Let's have it only affect enemies who aren't in combat.Seriously? That is the most useless thing ever. Because everything that you're fighting IS GOING TO BE IN COMBAT. All raid content, All dungeon content, even solo content! And even outside of dungeons, you have to throw it down on the ground and hope the enemy runs into it just to start the pull! No one's going to wait around for that one, they're going to charge right in and just bullrush everything.You want to fix this blizzard and make it about traps? Here's a good way to fix it. Three changes that can fix this entire nonsense right where it stands.One - Remove the instant trigger from all the traps when enemies run near them.Two - Remove and mechanic that restricts the trap from doing major damage to enemies out of combat. Bad bad bad design.Three - DETONATEHow would Detonate work? Simple. It's a added ability to your traps that will ONLY make them explode when you want them to. Say, AFTER 2 SECONDS TO TRIGGER THE WAYLAY EFFECT for bonus damage.It would promote patience, and you'd be able to trigger the traps around your damage boosts for INSANE burst damage capabilities. You place however many traps you have, wait for waylay, then Unleash all kinds of hell with detonate. Steel trap would play a much larger effect into your rotation, and explosive trap would do much more damage WITHOUT feeling like crap.I love survival, I love how it plays, and I don't want to change my class or stop playing it because blizzard makes changes without fully planning this stuff through.TL;DR - Fuck Waylay, make it better by letting us blow up our own traps after Waylay triggers, then YAY WAYLAY.edit: u/DimmuHS made a good point. When you're fighting bosses that are completely stationary, you are absolutely fucked when using Waylay because they CANNOT be moved from that spot, so no running into traps that you have placed.Edit 2: Another good point has been brought up that the requirement for being out of combat has been removed entirely. This means that it's got a primer for bosses on pull. So start of the fight you can pop traps that do much better damage. Plus PvP aspect is probably really good because you're constantly hitting people who don't expect traps. Not entirely as useless, thank god.IT'S NOT AS USELESS AS IT WAS. Still needs reworking. See first edit.