How to get 10-11 Seals of Broken Fate the day Nighthold launches.

Hello all! I don't know if this is common knowledge or anything, but I thought I'd share with you all.With the release of Nighthold on the 17th of January you can start saving up Seals of Broken Fate to get either 10-11 of them.AFAIK they will NOT be releasing new seals with Nighthold.Starting the week of the 3rd of January you can start saving seals.Week of January 3rd = 3 sealsWeek of January 10th = 3 sealsThats the max you can currently hold (6).Then the week of January 17th (Nighthold release week) there will be an additional 3 more that you can get AFTER you spend/roll 3 seals that you already have saved up.So far = 9 seals.Another seal will come from Timewalking quest that comes out on the 17th.Total so far = 10 sealsIF you get a class hall mission sometime in these 3 weeks, you can sit on it and get another seal (if you bonus roll the bonus roll lol)Total seals = 11Just a helpful tip/trick if you want to get those tier pieces/trinkets/off pieces sooner.