Little thing made me smile

+3 Court pug, I'm 877 Outlaw, other DPS's were in the 860's, 870 (I think) healer, and an 892 tank. The whole time the tank is getting on everyone about "I need 3 chests, y'all better not fuck up". Get to last boss with about 60 seconds to get 3, the second we go over time the tank runs out, leaves the group and hearths. What the hell man. But the group is positive, our healer is a Druid and we have a warlock so the healer hearths out to respec and we summon him back. First time this gal has ever tanked as a Druid by the way. Everyone gives her pointers on what to do, we pull it together and finish it out 4 man. Added 3 new friends to my list.