Hyrja does not scale correctly in Mythic+

My guild was doing a 14 HoV earlier tonight, and after multiple wipes on Hyrja we started to think that the fight was bugged. During Eye of the Storm, we were taking literally unhealable damage. 1.3m+ ticks every 1.5 seconds.After taking a look and analysing the damage we were taking, we realised that the fight was not scaling correctly, resulting in literally unhealable damage during EotS.Essentially, the way the mechanic works on base mythic is that the damage ticks for ~340,000 per tick, and the shield reduces that damage by ~260,000.This means that the shield roughly reduces the base damage of the ability by 75%.In Mythic+, while the damage from Eye of the Storm scales with the level, the damage that the shield reduces does not.This means that at our level 14, she was doing ~250% increased damage. This meant that every base tick of damage was hitting for ~1,200,000, plus the extra from her buff.If the fight scaled correctly, I would expect the shield to reduce ~910,000. This would result in a roughly 75% reduction, and give us ticks of approximately 390,000 while standing in the barrier.However, the damage reduction from the shield does not scale with level. This means that when you start hitting the higher M+ levels and getting base ticks of ~1,200,000, the shield is still only reducing that by ~260,000, meaning you're taking upwards of 1,000,000 damage per tick.This is absolutely, 100%, fundamentally broken. As you increase in level, this boss becomes exponentially harder, and very quickly becomes simply unhealable.Below I have attached the log for our run, and isolated the damage taken on our best pull. As you can clearly see, the damage from Eye of the Storm is absolutely insane. We were getting average hits of 1.8m INSIDE the shield, and you can very clearly see that it's doing far, FAR more damage than it's intending to do.http://ift.tt/2t1BeUv: Here's another interesting graph, showing damage taken per second over the course of a single Eye of the Storm -http://ift.tt/2si4Pfd fix for this is very simple - Make it so that Hyrja's shield reduces the damage taken from Eye of the Storm by 75%. This means that as the boss scales in Mythic+, so does the amount absorbed by the shield.The relative amount of damage taken in the shield is still the same, and the damage taken during that phase increases at the correct rate with each level of M+.EDIT: To the people saying we were not managing the Empowerment debuff correctly, please see this log - http://ift.tt/2t1RlRJ were executing the fight as intended, and the stacks were dropping off her.