Free Heroic Archi Runs

Starting Thursday July 7th I will be doing FREE Heroic Archi runs for those in the community who have yet to get the AOTC Achievement and the Grove Warden Mount. We will be doing 4-5 runs each Thursday starting at 9PM EST US and will try to get in as many people as we can each run. Followers/Viewers on my twitch channel will have 1st priority followed by those who que up or whisper( It's completely free to follow me on twitch, and it guarantee's you a spot).We will have carries to help the run go along smoothly. I am doing this as a way to help out those who have not had the opportunity or means to get these achievements on their own and as a way to grow my twitch community. I love meeting and playing with new people so this will give me the opportunity to do that. If you like to join as a carry please add me on btag.Twitch- Btag- Krizzy#11846