List of Legion features and its end game.

Since I noticed that a lot of people don't know what Legion offers or they don't understand it well enough, I decided to put its content in this thread and explain it. And yes, I know some of it is content that we get in every expansion, but it's still a part of Legion.-RAIDS: Nothing new here, we get 2 raids (Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare) at launch and around 6 world bosses-DUNGEONS: Nothing new here either, 10 new dungeons at launch, one being reused from WOTLK (Violet Hold)-WORLD QUESTS: Unlocked when reaching level 110, world quests appear on your minimap all over the Broken Isles and might give some of the following rewards: gear, money, order hall resources, follower equipment, mounts, pets, crafting reagents and much more. Keep in mind that some of the tougher and challenging world quests can reward high end raiding gear. Currently in Alpha there are more than 300 of them. More about them here-MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS: Basically it's an increased difficulty of mythic dungeons with a lot of customization to it. You can decide how much you want to increase the HP and damage of the enemies and add special "flavor" to it like making Tank generate less threat and having more adds in the dungeon. More about it here-PRESTIGE PVP SYSTEM: Legion adds pvp talents which you have to unlock by doing pvp related activities. Prestige system allows you, when having unlocked all the talents, to reset them and earn them again. By doing so you can earn various rewards like cosmetic gear and special mounts. More about it here-ARENAS: 2 new arenas are planned for Legion-SURAMAR: Level 110 only zone that focuses on storytelling rather than gear rewards. According to Blizzard, they wanted to make a zone that rewards you with fun and story and nothing more. It's is worth noting that other zones will reward you with level 110 gear and other things as they scale to your level. More about it in this video-PROFESSIONS REVAMP: Recipes are gathered from the world and have multiple ranks. Gathering professions also have multiple ranks which can increase the amount of stuff you find and giving you a chance to find some rare stuff, depending on the rank. Tons of profession quests added that can reward recipes and other stuff. More about it here-ARTIFACT WEAPONS: Weapons that you'll be using for the entire expansion. Each spec has its own artifact weapon with 5 unique models and each model having 4 color variations. Models and color variations are unlocked by doing various content. They have its own talent tree which is unlocked by doing content. Currently it takes around 2-3 months to cap your artifact weapon, but keep in mind that a capped artifact weapon is an equivalent of a high end raiding weapon. There will be catch up mechanics for offspecs and alts. And yes, they can be tmog-ed. More about it here-CLASS ORDER HALLS: Place where players of both factions of the same class can hang-out and do their class hall campaigns in Broken Isles. They can upgrade their Artifact weapons there and unlock relic slots of their artifact weapons using order hall resources which are ONLY attainable by doing world content. There are also used to upgrade you class hall giving you some benefits like ability to finish one world quest (usually there are 5-10 world quests available in each zone at given time) instantly and ability to reduce mission times by a certain percentile. Keep in mind that it will take a lot of time to get these upgrades as they're very costly and order hall resources aren't abundant-NEW ANIMATIONS: Self-explanatory. Thank you /u/tomahawktanger-NEW TRANSMOGRIFICATION SYSTEM: Basically saves your transmog items so you can access them anytime on any server. You can sell them after learning them. More about it here . Thank you /u/smashboltEDIT: added some of the stuff that I missed