Turns out my 2's partner was someone I knew in real life. What are the odds?

I've always thought this was insane so I finally decided to share it. I used to play World of Warcraft religiously and I was part of a 2v2 arena team. It was was me a mage, a resto druid and a warlock I think. Played quite a few games with the Druid. We did okay but never anything remarkable.. Anyway one day In HS ( this is years back now) during computer class we got done early. And the teacher let us cruise the web for the remainder of class. at some point she asked me back to her desk at the back Of the room. As I walked to her desk I noticed a dude looking at a WoW armory page for a character. I stopped and turned around and looked at this screen. I literally couldn't fucking believe it.. He was the Druid from my 2's team.... What are the odds right. Always thought it was so insane.