So... is Grommash just being left off the hook?

I haven't read Illidan or seen much of the story from Legion Alpha yet, but I do have one question I'm wondering if it has been answered yet. Are they just letting Grommash Hellscream off without punishment?The orc led a brutal campaign that was hell-bent on conquest. He's responsible for the deaths of thousands of Draenei. And the ending cinematic, he's... leading a rallying cheer?I'm guessing Blizzard, by Yrel's words of "If you ever need us, we're here" are just putting Draenor by the wayside and never revisiting it, which is good. That place is a wasteland now, corrupted by fel-energies, not to mention most of the remaining fertile land either being infested with Botani or polluted by the Blackrock. Still, it pisses me off that it seems they left one of the main villains with a half-arsed redemption story that just seems to be accepted.