Blizzard: Can you just remove Brewmaster from the game instead of stringing us along?

Blizzard please, for the 200 or so of us who still actually attempt to play Brewmaster Monk, could you throw is a frigging bone or something?We're the most difficult to play tank spec in the game by a considerable margin and also mathematically the weakest by a considerable margin. This is a deadly combo that will quickly lead to the extinction of Brewmasters on two fronts: one, because no one wants to play like a goddamn fighter pilot to be less effective than a Warrior who knows how to press the "Ignore Pain" button, and two, because people will stop playing a spec if they can't get accepted into groups or serious raid guilds due to the spec being broken.Think I'm exaggerating? Brewmaster is 3% of the tank parsing on Heroic Emerald Nightmare right now. For each single Brewmaster there's like 12 Prot Warriors alone. How did we get to this dark place, Blizzard? It baffles me that you would remove Guard because "tanks getting an absorption shield is bad mechanic design" and then turn right around and give Warriors an ultimate Super-Guard that shields for way more than Guard ever did but with no cooldown to it.Personal vengeance aside, it is criminal to me that there were no buffs to Brewmaster in the recent balance tuning, nor are any being considered in the future. The 7.1 PTR changes right now have nothing for Brewmaster Monk except Crackling Jade Lightning having a energy cost added to it. Because that's what we need right, a nerf?Blizzard, if your intention is for Brewmaster to not exist anymore you have much more direct methods available to you. You could just remove us from the game entirely and replace us with something else, like how you removed Discipline Priests and replaced them with Chloromancers. If this is what you are trying to do you should at least tell us and I will abandon my character altogether.However, if your intention is NOT for Brewmaster to disappear from the game, then you need to buff us. You need to buff us a lot. What to buff, you might ask? Go read the Monk forums on your own website, there are tons of legitimate non-angry constructive suggestions across multiple hundred-page threads such as making Stagger tick slower, increasing brew recharge, making Elusive Brawler baseline, etc.Please, Blizzard, I love this spec, I love the playstyle and theme, but right now I'm pretty much only allowed to play Windwalker / Mistweaver because people will NOT accept a Brewmaster into Mythic+ keystone runs and I don't blame them. I swear, I will get on my hands and knees and BEG for buffs to my beloved spec if that's what needs to happen here. But love for a theme and play-style can only carry me through so many dark places, and if something doesn't happen soon, I'm rerolling Prot Warrior, as the vast majority of former-Brewmasters already have.