We can't wait six months for a ban wave this time.

In the past, botting has been annoying, but it has served to keep prices low and never impacted legitimate farmers. However, the change to herb node functionality has severely limited supply and now the botters are actively harming the economy. When herb nodes were first come, first served, they would simply respawn faster so there were always a certain quantity up in a zone at any time. Unless you were actively following another farmer, you could always find active nodes. If you saw someone else, you simply altered your path. Now, the best way to do it is to follow others in a group and everyone grabs their herb before it times out. Still, not really a big problem. in fact, it's generally helpful to herbalists because it means the supply is generally fixed and prices stay higher for the time invested. Not the greatest for non-herbalists, but supply and demand evens out expectations in the end.Until some people can fly and you can't.Now, they are the only ones who can get to nodes in time and you get nothing. I made three full circuits of Stormheim this morning at off-peak hours and literally found more botters in the sky than nodes on the ground.Now, with a relatively fixed supply, the cheaters are the only ones with access to the resource that everyone needs. They're not reducing the price for the consumer as has always been the case in the past. Instead they are just the only ones selling herbs. Flasks, pots, and herbs are all still priced dearly and legitimate gatherers are just wasting their time.We can't wait months on end for this to stop. These people are soaking up all the gold in the economy right now and there is no benefit to legitimate players. At least in the past we could live with them making things affordable and there weren't as many doing it since the risk/reward was so low at 3-5g per herb.But now these people are making 50k/hr on high pop servers. 12+hrs/day. That's 4,000,000+ in a week. And that's not gold that's being generated magically by them through quests and vendor trash. That's gold leaving the pockets of legit players and funneling into the pockets of cheaters. We're talking about billions of gold flowing the wrong way and ruining the experience for legitimate gatherers at the same time.Not only that, the risk is absolutely minimal. A single account now includes a free 100 boost, which is enough to let you gather anything but Starlight Rose since the zones scale, and you can make a separate account over and over again if you get caught, which isn't even happening right now anyway.Either ban these people or change herb nodes back the way they used to be so prices come down, I honestly don't care which it is, but right now the only way to make any gold on herbs is to do so illicitly. It's so lucrative that several people I know who would never cheat at a freaking video game (even including myself at this point) are looking into how it's done, and that might be the most depressing part of it all.Inaction is causing otherwise good people to consider a life of crime, and that's just intolerable. Of all the things that need to be fixed balance and tuning-wise, I have always been able to look at Blizzard's side and understand how impactful changes like that are and how interconnected they are and therefore must take time.But removing cheaters? That should be priority one.